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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Where to get great paid motion graphic template for Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, this video we're going to look at why you would go and pay good money for Motion Graphic templates, when there's free ones around. Why? Because of this. Look how pretty this one is, oh, it's growing, and stuff, and this one here, look at this little quote, oh. so pretty. The cool thing about ones like this quote, is check it out, it's part of a pack you can download. There's 300 of them, look how cool they are. Clean, modern, quotes. There's all sorts of cool stuff in here, loads, and loads, and loads. And this is what you get when you pay for premium versions. So we're going to show you where to get them from, how to install them, and some of the quirks that go along with them regardless of that premium. Let's jump in now, and I'll show you how to do it. 

The couple of places I'm going to show you for paid premium templates, both, I have affiliate links for, means I get a small commission if you do buy from them. So for Envato, and for Adobe Stock. Now the reason I have these two options is their payment plans. So Adobe Stock will charge you per download, for your Motion Graphic templates, and Envato Elements have a monthly subscription where you can download, it all, and everything, but you've got to keep paying monthly. So it's up to you, I end up paying for Envato Elements, because it does all sorts of cool things, music, images, and videos, plus templates, but sometimes it's nice just to download one, and that's where Adobe Stock might be more useful. 

Now in Adobe Stock, you just got to make sure, when you're looking for things, you go to this one, you do 'templates' for search. I'm just going to hit nothing in there, and just see what templates they have. You can use these little sliders over here to go through and decide what kind of template, I'm going to use Premiere Pro. Then you might start doing some searches from here, that you've kind of like got it down a bit. So there's these ones, Envato Elements, very similar, they've got video templates. And same kind of thing, I'm going to do a search, for nothing, to make sure that I'm saying, show me the templates for Premiere Pro. 

Now why would you pay for them instead of getting the free ones? Mainly for me, is the fact that a lot of the pa-- free ones, sorry, aren't sized for 4K, and I need 4K, some of them are, but it's a little bit harder to find. And really the main reason is the quality, quality goes way up, when somebody gets paid for what they do, and they should do. It's a really small fee to support the people that make these amazing things. 

The one thing to consider when you are downloading them, on both sites, either-- any site, Motion Array do premium ones as well, go check them out, but sorting by 'Most Popular', the problem was, is that from 2018 version of Premiere Pro onwards, they introduced the Essential Graphics panel, which allows us to do all this kind of cool stuff brought in from Premiere Pro. So you really want the newer ones, actually no, it had it before then. The big changes, you know a lot of the templates we've been using haven't got fonts and you can't change them. It's because that wasn't an option earlier on. So a lot of the stuff that's been around for a while, even the most popular stuff, because it's been there long it's often the most popular, but the newer ones, you can often change the font now. 

After Effects can allow you to change the font, into Premiere Pro. You don't have to search 'By New', but I can't guarantee that you can change the font, but it is more likely, in the newer ones, from about 2018 onwards, you will be able to adjust the font, which we haven't been so far, which has been annoying. Hey, it's Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow, which is exciting. So you download them-- because I pay for a subscription, I can hit 'Download', and just download it straight and start using it. I want to show you a couple of files, yeah, just in Premiere Pro just so I can, you know, so we can practice, using Mograph templates. I'll show you some of the nice ones that are found. 

So we're going to duplicate this one, we're going to do it slightly different. We're sick of right clicking and figuring out where in the giant list Duplicate is. So we're just going to select it, best, just click the icon, and then 'Command C' on a Mac, 'Ctrl C' on a PC, we're just doing copy and paste, and you get-- the difference between this one, is it gives it the exact same name, which is weird, and good. Anyway, we want V5 open, and we're going to close down V4 if it is open. Let's just delete them, both, the music, actually. Yeah, we delete the music, not appropriate anymore, and our previous kind of Travel looking one. Let's install one I've downloaded, one of the premium ones from Envato. Let's go to 'Browse' and let's click this little button here, and in your 'Exercise Files', under 'Project 4', 'Social Media', 'Graphics', under 'Envato Elements' I've got these two.

So we're going to start with 'Floral'. Now this one here is not to be used, other than just to practice in this class. So not only use it in your portfolio, or commercially, or personally, unless you go off and buy it, so this is just like a little sample. It's part of a bigger pack, but it's so pretty. For this one to work as well, what I should do is, when you download it, they're pretty handy, that gives you a Read Me file. The Read Me file says, "Thank you for downloading." So this is the person that made it. So if you do want to go and buy it, go check this out on Envato. Tells you little bits about it, their email address. The other cool thing, it tells you the fonts that have been used. So you can go through and download them. 

Often when people make these they'll make sure they're free fonts, and to install them you just find them in your exercise files, select all of these, and on a Mac, actually on all of them, just double click them, all the TTF fonts, and it will ask you, "Would you like to install?" and you say, "Yes." Let's say I've done that already, and now I'm going to bring in my mogrt, click 'Open'. Mine's already there, you can see it there, I've practiced, and I bring this one in, put on my Timeline, it is so pretty. It's a bit big, let's make it a bit smaller. So I could do one or two things in this case. Probably for most of them, this one's come at 4K, which is great. I don't need it at 4K at the moment, it's a bit big, but at least I've got it there. 

What we want to do is, right click it and get it to fit. Do you remember, if it's Scale or Set? What was that lame thing Dan said? That's right, you're all set for Frame set. That will scale it down. I think this particular one has scale built into it, so you could just drag the slider. Now this thing is pretty elaborate, so we're going to turn down the resolution to 1/4 just to make it usable, and we're going to run instantly into a problem, I love this one. There's a bunch of ones to pick from for different use cases, I just use this one, and then this ended up happening, 100% New Zealand, and it works on none of the fronts. So I leave these things in here because I guess, it's not always all roses. 

So 100, for some reason the font is that-- what is it called, Tubular Old Style. It's that weird font where it goes up and down, watch, if I put 6 and 7 in, it's that kind of font, and it just looks weird under 1. hundred percent, and New Zealand doesn't fit, and there's no size over here, and where I said before, make sure that they're 'new'ish, 2018 above, because you can select fonts, this one was obviously made beforehand, but I couldn't resist, because look how pretty it is. I have to scrub along because it's, it's so complex that even doing a rendering, I'm going to render this in a second, and I know it's going to take, like five to ten minutes to just do a little preview render in here. 

See what happens when you try and break it onto two lines, probably awfulness, let's have a look. Yep, awfulness. Ones that are done in Premiere Pro don't have all this exciting stuff, but often are a little bit more usable, because you have full control over everything. There's not a really good way in any of these platforms to know whether they are Premiere Pro mogrt, made by Premiere Pro or made by After Effects. Now I'm not super worried about this mainly because, I pay a subscription to Envato Tuts+ so I can download loads of them, like a thousand in a day, I'm not sure if you can do that, but if this one doesn't work I just move on to the next one. Where is buying one per-- you know, playing once at-- one at a time can be a little bit, roll the dice, anyway this is super cool. Let's move on to the next one.
Now the next one, another Envato Elements one, and I love this one, like 300 titles, I've given you just one of them, again as a sample, not to be reused unless you go and buy it, but I love-- I love this one, it's got really good video, just so you can see what's going on. So Modular Setup, no way. It's 300 titles, glitch, look at them all go. There are so many cool things in, like these kinds of packs, and you can start to see, you could use these for a long time, change the colors, change the fonts, change the text. So that's what we're going to work with. Let's stop the 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing and look at actually installing one. 

So, again, copy paste. Version 6. Open up version 6, close down version 5. Let's delete this one and let's install Essential Graphics. 'Browse', '+', we're masters of this now. Envato Elements, there's one in here called Quote, and this is one of the 300. Actually what I want to do is show you the actual thing that you get when you download. So this is what I got when I downloaded, comes in a zip file, you open it up and this is what you get. This is a beautifully created one. It's up to the-- like Envato is actually more of a marketplace, so if you're a designer, you can upload stuff to it and hopefully sell it. So the person that made this one is Motion Theory Studio, and just like, beautifully designed. 

So where do you get the fonts? Cool. Tutorial on how to install them, that's what I've done. Previews, this is the best bit, because there's 300 of them, they've made a sweet little web page that I can double click and open, and it's this weird, like cool little web page. It lives in a browser to show you them all. They've broken them into little categories. You can see, look at these cool clean ones, they loop. So you can just sit there looking at them, and go, "Oh, I want this one." Then go off and find the mogrt called Clean Title 07. So then you go into here, and you go, here they are, clean. Title 07. So useful. 

So we're going to install our 01. So Clean Quote 07. Now I did go through a few of these and they just didn't fit my quote. Like we had the problem with Hidden Paradise, some of them just weren't designed to support the size of the quote that I wanted to use. So I'm going to install that one, and there it is there. I can always-- already see there's a-- probably going to be something wrong with it. Shouldn't be a giant white box, let's give it a go. There's nothing really going on, so it's probably 4K. So if anything is kind of like too big and you can't see it, it's probably 4K. You can right click it, and I'm going to stop doing the gag, and let's just click on 'Set to Frame Size', and it kind of works, and you're like, "Great." 

I'm just going to go to my Effects Controls, and I'm a Pro, and I'm just going to lower this. Where did half of it go? This can happen when you're bringing in stuff from After Effects, and hopefully if we go into our Essential Graphics, and have a select of this, hopefully there's Main Position - Left & Right, that's what I want. It's a good few controls in here. Such a good block of things. Get mine perfect, there you go. And what I want to do as well is probably get rid of background opacity. I probably want the text to be white. Now I'm just going to speed through this, because this is just dragging these up and down. I'll stop if I run into any problems that I can, you know, give you a bit of heads up on, but I'm just going to kind of animate it through really quick and I'll see you in a sec. 

We'll stop there because there's something that came up. You saw me messing around forever, changing them to white, that took a long time, and then I just made the lines a bit smaller, it's pretty cool, but just then what I did was, I wanted to go and add a Drop Shadow. There wasn't an option in here. There was no option or facility for it. So what I did was, is I did it a different way. So you can, on your Effects panel, I typed in here 'drop'. So under 'Video Effects', 'Perspective, there's another way of doing Drop Shadows. So up until now we've been just doing it through the Essential Graphics, because it allows us to do that, but because this has come via After Effects we've had to grab it. I just dragged it onto the clip there. Now if I go back to my Effects Controls, I've got it applied as an effect rather than, through the Essentials Graphics panel, and I can do the same thing, make adjustments, but I'm happy with that. I missed a little bit, you know, there was control for these lines, to make them bigger and smaller, which I thought was cool.

The weird thing about this one is that even though it's red, and there's quite a bit going on, if I hit spacebar, it will play through pretty much without any problems. It's pretty cool. Even at full, I think this one works pretty good. It's mainly because there's no Motion Blur. Motion Blur really kills, kind of, it's the faded stuff for the Motion Blur, that gets applied in After Effects, that comes through here, that really slows down render time.

That is going to be the end of this video, a bit of a long one, and I kind of toy with throwing some of these out, just to keep the course a bit shorter, but I feel like some of these ones, the actual doing stuff, and things going wrong, and you know, not being exactly how they are described on the tin can be just as helpful. So yeah, hopefully this one wasn't too tedious, and that will wrap up our premium version of these mogrt styles. It's up to you whether you want to invest in these. Especially some of these cool packs, that have like 300 different styles, but always the trade-off is, over here, you're upto the winds of the creator of what can actually be controlled. All right, on to the next video.