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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

How to duplicate lumetri color onto all clips in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Have you been sitting there thinking, "Man, I wish there was a way to copy Position and Scale, and Lumetri color, that I spent all that time doing onto all the other clips at once."? Well, you my friend, are in luck. Basically you select it, you hit 'Edit', 'Copy', then you go to 'Paste Attributes' on all the rest of them. It's pretty much that easy. There's a couple little quirks with Premiere Pro, that I want to share with you in this video, so let's jump in. 

So we want to, let's say this, we'll do this one first because it's quite obvious. So the position and scaling of this one, because it started off looking like this, and we've got it this way, and because I mark on my floor where I put my little stool, so that I get into the same spot every time, and I just move in between clips. So this should be perfect for this one. 

So what we do is we select it, we go-- you can use shortcut. So you can go the long way, 'Edit', 'Copy', or 'Command C', or 'Ctrl V' on a PC. Then what we need to do is find our other buddy. Be above them, make sure the clip is selected, then go to 'Edit', and we'll go to 'Paste Attributes'. We can decide which attributes to paste. Yours is probably going to look different from mine, because I think it remembers the last thing you've done. 

So what we can do is, say, I want everything from the Motion tab. Can you see over here, Position and Scale are in Motion. If you've changed the opacity you could have that on, if they're the same it doesn't matter, because we haven't changed it, they're both at 100%. You could have it on or off, doesn't matter. Time Remapping, we haven't changed, that could be on or off. The one thing we might turn off is these ones, because we have played around with the audio for this first one, might be different for the second one. I know it's pretty much the same so it would be fine, but let's just turn on, whenever I'm using this, I just go through and I say, "Actually just the thing that I mean." These will probably be fine, but I'm never sure enough. So I just turn everything off that I don't need. 

One thing we might turn on is our Lumetri Color. Before, I got you to do it individually, right? We went through and set Auto in the Essential Graphics Panel. So this would be a great thing to do then. At the moment we don't need to add it because we did it earlier, but just know that you can do it once for the first one, do your color corrections, get everything cropped and framed right, then apply both Motion and the Lumetri Color to everything. Let's do it to this one and let's see what happens; perfect. 

The other thing we might do is, I want to show you a couple of little extra tricks, because that's basically it. Your extra tricks are, one is acknowledging that, "What happened over here? Everything's disappeared." I've got Essential Graphics but where's my Lumetri Color? Basically what happens is, your project, ours is called-- what is it called-- at the top here. Mine's got a funny name because I'm teaching, but it was called XD Intro Feb 2021. That file actually remembers your workspace, because different projects, you might be moving things around to kind of suit that particular project, and it remembers that, which is kind of cool, but also, you're like, "Actually go back to the other one," and luckily we've got the Unicorn one, to get back and it brings up--

Hasn't changed your project at all. Nothing actually changes, just your workspace. I got my Dan one from-- I was using for a different project, not this one obviously. So you can see, you can move these things around. You can see I make my Timeline quite big, often. I'm trying not to-- we will do this pretty much later in the class to make our Timeline more usable in here, but let's stay at our earlier one, where we've got all these guys around. Other thing I want you to do is practice. Let's say that we want to actually clear them all and apply them all in one go. You can actually select them all. Let's say that you want to remove everything you've done on these, in terms of, let's say Lumetri Color, or the Position. You just want to get them back to normal. you can go through individually and go, you, so let's go, have one selected, and go through.

'Effects Control', click on 'Lumetri Color', hit 'Del'. And in here, Motion, you can hit 'Reset'. We've done reset on the Position and the Scale separately. If you click on this it will do them all. In one go all of these will reset. So that's one way. Another way-- I'm going to undo that so it's back in there. Here's our Lumetri Color, I'm going to grab all of these, and a nice easy way is to go to 'Edit', and underneath Paste Attributes is 'Remove Attributes'. You can say, actually I want to remove all of the-- you might say, I'm going to leave the Motion, but just remove all the LumetrI Color. You might have a couple of effects applied to it, we've just got one, Lumetri Color, and you can turn just that one on, or just the other one on. 

You might have, remember Noise from earlier? So I'm going to remove all the Lumetri Color, because we did them all separately, and you might say, actually I want them to use the same as this. So we're going to go to 'Edit', 'Copy'. Let's select all of this, go to 'Edit', 'Paste Attributes', I don't want the Motion, because I cropped this one quite specifically for this particular video, and I just want to apply all the effects, Lumetri Color, remember the audio, and it's now applied all of that color grading, not color grading, color correction, that's it, to them all. 

Now what we're going to do is finish this off by going, 'Copy', I'm just using 'Command C' on a Mac, 'Ctrl C' on a PC. I'm going to grab that one, he's the right one. This one here, I could go to 'Edit', 'Paste Attributes'. There's a sweet shortcut for it, and you can say, actually I want just the 'Motion' on this one. Same with this first one, we got this one nice and cropped, 'Command C', I'm going to click on this one, and that one. I'm going to hold my 'Command' key down. I'm not-- click this one, hold the 'Shift' key down, and have both of these selected because I know they're in the same sort of zone. I just want to crop out the microphone and get it a little bit better. 

Now I can go to 'Edit', I can go to 'Paste Attributes', I can say, just the 'Motion'. Do I want my Essential Sounds? No. Just one, I've already worked on that, and now that one and that one are all going to match. Cool, huh? Paste Attributes. I feel like I might have made that complicated. At the beginning you got, right? We just copied it and pasted on something else. You can do a little bit more by turning things on and off, selecting more than one to get it a bit more fancy. 

One last thing before we go is this one here, I think my gag is like, looking at my jumper, where is it? I need to look down at my jumper, so this one actually has to be a little bit different. They're not connected, when you paste attributes, there's nothing actually connecting them. So if I adjust one, it's not going to mess with the others. I'm probably going to have to zoom out a little bit. If you find that dragging this is a little bit tough, you've got to kind of really-- if you drag it just a teeny tiny bit, it doesn't move, you've got to give it a bit of a 'uh'. Then you can go back and forth. Wrong technical, Dan. 

I think it's just so that you don't accidentally bump it a little bit. You've got to really click it, hold it, and give it a bit of a pull to get it to kind of unstick itself, so you don't accidentally do it. So I think I need this ilab thing in here. Make sure my head is through there. Let's use our shortcut, 'L', a few times. I think there's enough of it in there, maybe it needs to come out just a little bit more. Maybe 110, and a little bit higher, there you go. 'L', 'L', 'L', there we go, cool. All right, that is Copy and Paste Attributes in Premiere Pro. On to the next video.