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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Introduction to new project using images

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, it's time for another project. No more how-to videos, we're going to look at animating images. So we're going to make these two. They are starting with static images, but we're going to make them move, and scale, and add music, let's have a look. 

So they're just obviously jpegs, static images we're going to kind of give a bit of life to. We'll do this one as well, bit of a travel one. A bit more upbeat music. Kind of look like they're moving, just a little bit. The cool thing about these is they're really quick to do, and for you as a videographer, often it's easier to take photographs, or at least get stock photographs. You might have some already in your business. It's way easier than going out and filming, and taking audio, and organizing interviews, because you might not have a budget for videos, cameras, and sound equipment. You might have a budget though for using your cell phone. 

It's also really good for some of those industries that just don't do well going and 'video'ing, some of the more highly restricted ones, where it's just going to be really hard to go off and get good quality video, for your really strange unique area or potentially boring area, but it's really easy to go off and find generic happy people, doing happy things, using your product, because you probably already have them. It's really easy to get 4K, it's really easy to shoot stills in 4K than it is to record and edit in 4K. So I'll play this one out, and when it's finished, actually no, I'll stop it in a second, but this is what we're going to be making, taking your stills, getting a little bit of life, a little bit of magic. Let's get going. Sheep, you get a lot of sheep, it’s New Zealand.