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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

How to create small video mp4 size videos in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, this video we are going to make our video really small, lower the quality so that the file size is nice and small, for either emailing or, I'm not sure, you've got a reason in your head for making the video small, because otherwise sometimes it can get really, really big. 

We're going to export this XD Intro sequence. You either have it selected down here on my Timeline, or have it selected in my Project Window, then go to 'File', 'Export', and go to 'Media'. Now you can make changes here, or you can hit 'Queue', which sends it to Media Encoder, and do the changes in here by clicking on this thing that says 'Match Source'. Click the little blue words, get back to that same window. it's up to you. 

First thing I want to do though, is clear all this up, I'm going to select you, you, and you, and hit Del' on my keyboard. Yes, get rid of it, just to tidy things up, those are old ones we were working on. First thing we're going to do is we're going to export a High Bitrate one, and we're going to make a smaller version to compare it. So you can do more than one at a time, which is one of the other perks for Media Encoder, is you can say, I've got this sequence selected, I'm going to hit 'Duplicate', so I got two of them. In the second one, where it says Match Source High Bitrate, I'm going to say Match Source Medium Bitrate, just to see what the difference is. 

Where are you going to put these? I'm going to put mine on my desktop, just because I want to be-- show you easily. Actually no, they should go into my 'Exercise Files', and into 'Project 3', under 'Renders', they're going to go in here. Now mine's got the same name as an existing one I did earlier on, can't remember what I do with that one, I'm going to replace it. What you'll notice in here is that the second is called underscore one, ' _1'. You'll end up with lots of these, because it really by default doesn't want to override an existing file. So it's going to call it ' _1', you can change it and call this one, you know, another name, but just know that, for a long time you'll have ' _1', ' _1', '_1', and you end with like, yeah, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder, doesn't want to go over the top. 

So you'll end up with underscore and a number. I'm going to be a bit fancier with mine, and I'm going to put mine on my desktop. Actually no, in the right folder, where are we, Talking Head Sizzles footage. Not in there. We're going to put it in our Renders, but I'm going to call this one 'Medium', and I'm going to make one more, and we're going to go really low. So I'm going to duplicate it again, I'm going to give this one a name. I'm going to call this one 'Low', and will show you all three. 

So you could just do Medium and Bitrate, and that will give you quite a small file. Let's go super small and the way you go super small video footage, there's a lot of stuff you can change in here, but in terms of lowering the file size and keeping the quality okay, is you want to go to this tab that says 'Video' and you want to scroll down, and you want to say, you're looking for this one, it's called Bitrate Settings. If you're from-- if you understand-- if you're a Graphic Designer maybe, or a Video or a Web Designer, and you-- when you save a JPEG, you know JPEGs ask you what quality you want it to be, and you're like, "Oh, 60%,” or "I want it to be 3,” this is essentially what we're doing, but for video. So normally we're at about 10, for the high quality, and medium is about 3, but you can go down to 1. So you can put it on Variable Bitrate of 1 pass, and put it down to 1, and this is as low as it will go. 

Now in terms of lowering the audio, never touch this, well, you can but it's very-- it does nothing to the file size really, just sounds weird Sounds like a transformer, but anyway, so we've got-- okay, so we've used a preset of High, a preset of Medium, and this custom one we just made, and all we did was we started with medium and lowered it down from 3 to 1. Let's hit 'Play' and see how it goes. Again this is the cool thing about using Media Encoder, is it's going to encode them all whilst you're off making a cup of tea. Awesome. 

So that was rendering, and I was kind of thinking, that took about a minute or so, but I was thinking there, man, if you wanted that to go faster you can close down Premiere Pro, or anything else you got open, so that Media Encoder can get as much available RAM as it can, to start rendering it, but let's have a look at the file sizes. So here's my renders, there's the big one, there's the medium one, there's the low one. So big was 133, it was shot at HD resolution. The medium was still HD, so is low, but the quality was lowered. 

You see the big jump, so 133 is as good as it was going to get, and then 30, sorry, 42 Megabytes for the medium, and then quite low, 15 for the low low one. Let's have a quick little cycle through the quality. So that's HD, that's medium, and that's low, whoa. So low is pretty bad especially when things are moving, but yeah, that's the translation between file sizes. I want to quickly show you something just because that-- my natural instinct, like can we make it physically smaller, because it's still 1080, so let's duplicate this one, click on 'Custom', and under 'Video'-- I want to show you this as well because of Match Source. 

So when we pick these customs there's a lot of them the same Match Source, what does that mean? It means it's going to match the source with our sequence. So we told it to be 1080p high, 25 Frames/second, so it's trying to match it. We can override it by unticking this, and now we get this kind of custom, and we can say, actually I want it to be standard definition, which is 720, but if we lower the size, and even play around with the framerate, pick something lower, it doesn't do much to the file size. Once we're already down at this kind of like low setting, down here. This one here, the Variable Bitrate, 1. So the estimated file size is actually bigger than what we had, it was 15 or something, but you get a physically smaller video, but you don't get a smaller file size. That small little video is out of Premiere Pro via Media Encoder. On to the next video.