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Weird Stuff I wish I knew when I started

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, it's live me again. I just want to check on you, see if you're still awake. You look all right. This video is all about checking some of the weirdness that goes on in Premiere Pro. So you might have run into a few issues already, that you're like, "Oh, what's wrong with it?" So this video is going to hopefully save you from those ones, and hopefully prevent some in the future. Premiere Pro is a big program, it does a lot of things, and there's just some quirky bits that you need to get used to. So let's jump in now and look at the weirdness. 

All right, the first one that kind of cause lots of problems is, stuff disappearing here on the Timeline, and often that's due to your mouse. If you look at your mouse, you might be using a trackpad on your laptop, which is probably not going to cause you much problems, but if you are using a mouse that has a scroll wheel, or I'm using like a magic Mouse from Apple, they do some scrolling stuff, watch this, if I scroll accidentally, can you see, half the stuff disappears, scroll down, scroll up. It's meant to be helpful, you're like, "I can scroll down the tracks", but it means, often when you're new, you're like, "Half my stuff disappeared." 

All it means is, find your scroll wheel, and just move your-- you don't have to click anywhere, just kind of scroll back down, or grab the little rubber band and drag it up and down. It's the same-- because like that, you're like, "Where did everything go?" Restart machine, close it down, open it up. It's always kind of hidden up the top there. So just be careful that, it happens the same with this, if I make the video bigger, you can kind of bend it up, scrolling down, going, "I lost a track." It's just, it's there, just kind of scroll down. So that will happen. On to the next bit of weirdness. 

All right, the next interesting thing that Premiere Pro does is that you can go to-- at the moment I've got a project open, it's called XD Intro. You can open up more than one at a time. So I'm going to open up this project we're going to do later on, called Wedding. So now I have two projects open. You can see, this is like a new feature, and it's just painful for people that are new. It's useful for people that are hard core. When I say hard core, I mean, some people that are using it quite a lot, really good at it. The cool thing about it is I can grab this stuff, copy it and paste it over to this one. So you can see, I've got two sequences open. I also have a bunch of different projects, I got the project for the wedding. I've also got the project for XD, and it gets really confusing when you're new. 

The one thing you've probably tempted to do is go, okay, go to this wedding one, that we're going to do, and we're going to hit the ' x ', and it's closed. It's actually not, you can kind of still see it. It's open over here in the Project Window, it's still kind of open. So the best way to do it is, let's-- find this project, and I have it selected, or have the Timeline selected over here, that I've already closed, and go to 'File', 'Close Project'. Now if you just-- if you're like unsure, just close all projects, and just open one back up. So it's not really a problem, it's more just a quirk for it. So I know that only one of them is open now. All right, that's multiple project weirdness. 

Next thing to be aware of, is converting your file. So let's set up a little scenario where, Dan, I'm using the new version, because I'm awesome. I got that brand new version of Premiere Pro. Let's say my brother, Ben, he's already featured, he uses a really old version of Premiere Pro, let's say 2018, or something. Let's say he sends me a file, and I go and open it. Premiere Pro is going to say, "Hey, I can't use it unless I convert it", and you're like, "Mmm, what is this?" You don't worry about it, it works just fine, you can convert it, it's going to say-- let's not use the same name, I'm going to call it  ' _1 ' This is where I call it, maybe v2, or, yeah, V2. It's missing a bunch of footage, that's okay. Ben forgot to send me all the PSDs, I'm going to find them all in a moment, and that's easy peasy. 

Now the other way is not so good. Let's say I work on this now and send it back to Ben, and Ben tries to open it, won't open at all. It will just come up with an error saying, "Can't open it, made in a newer version of Premiere Pro." It is not, what they call backwards compatible. So remember, if you kind of go forwards you can't go backwards. So if you are working with somebody who's stuck on 2018, for some reason you need to be stuck on 2018, otherwise you can't send it back to them. All right, that is converting files which will appear from you. What mostly happens is, I'm just opening up my own files in the future, and it converts them every single time, so v1, v2, v3. Cool, next feature. 

Next weird feature is, I'm grilling the features. This thing here, you're like, "What is all this junk? Why is it all gray?" So before, after. They're in and out points, we're going to look at them properly later on, once we're a little bit more skilled, but for the moment if that appears, they're just annoying, they kind of actually make it play weird. You can right click anywhere in this kind of like gray stuff up at the top, and go to 'Clear In and Out', and just get it back, "Whoo, all right, gone away." The shortcut most people hit is, if I have something selected and hit ' x ' on my keyboard, that's the thing that kind of causes it. We'll talk about the in and out points in more detail later on, but for the moment, just know that if you accidentally get them going, how to clear them. 

All right, next not feature. Next thing let's quickly throw in again, is if I have something selected, you can see up here, in Premiere Pro, lots of things are grayed out, and can't be done, do you remember why? Just to reiterate you need to have-- like lots of things that says, okay, let's do stuff to the sequence, and you don't have a sequence selected. See the blue arrow-- blue border is around the Source Monitor. So doesn't really know what you mean, because you can have more than one sequence open. So here, I say, this sequence, and then I get lots of things glowing again, so same with clip. It's like, "What do you mean, it's all grayed out.", but if you click on a clip, then it goes in here, all comes to life. 

So there are some things that are not going to work, and you might just have to be conscious of where your Playhead is, sometimes it has to be up here. Sometimes it has to be selected over here, it depends on what you're trying to do. Just make sure you might have the right thing selected. Grayed out bits, all right, next not feature. 

All right, the next thing I want to cover is, let's say that I am-- it's called Insufficient Media. So if I drag in this first video, and then I grab the second video, and I put it just after it. I want to do a Cross Dissolve between the two, and I haven't edited it, like we did before, remember, when we cut it off, to make it all look nice, but let's say I don't. Go to 'Effects', I'm going to use a 'Cross Dissolve'. I put it between, and disappears; insufficient media, ah. 

It's just saying that-- let's have a look. When I get into here-- because that's right at the extent of the mp4, and this Cross Dissolve, there's a bit of like, can you see, bit of that one overlaps this one. So it doesn't know what to do, because there's no extra bit of footage to try and kind of get the dissolve to work, so it's going to fake it, and it does a perfectly good job, but let's say-- it doesn't appear because - let's zoom out. Let's undo that. – because, before we trimmed all this off. Remember, so there's all that stuff that was there, it's still in there, remember, and Premiere Pro can use that to do the transition, to make it all look nice. 

So when I do it like this, there's plenty of bits for it to trim in to. Got you, there we go. Doesn't complain. So if you are using footage that is completely already pre edited, there'd be stuff that you've brought from, like a stock library site, a stock footage already cut and ready to use, you might end up with that. All right, that's Insufficient Media. 

The last thing to help you is, often Premiere Pro is prone to just kind of do some weird stuff, and you can just close it down and start again. So on a Mac, if it is just giving you problems, first thing to do is just go to Premiere Pro, on a Mac, go to 'Premiere Pro', quit 'Premiere Pro', on a PC it's under 'File', down here somewhere. Just quit it and restart it again, and often it can run a bit faster. Media starts loading properly, you can fix some problems. 

If you're still running into issues there's something kind of weird about it, and you might just want to get it back to default, on a Mac and PC you can reset all the defaults, pretty easy. On a Mac you need to find the application, mine's down here in my Taskbar. You can find it on a Mac under 'Go', 'Applications'. Dig around there and find Adobe Premiere Pro. However you normally open it, and all you need to do is hold down the 'Option' key on a Mac, and it's the same on a PC, but you hold down the 'Alt' key. So on a PC it's slightly different, you find it in your kind of like 'Start Programs', wherever you've got it. 

So before you open it, hold down the 'Alt' key on a PC, 'Option' key on a Mac, and hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, and this will appear. It says, "Do you want to reset your preferences?" The trouble will be, is if you have changed preferences, things that you really want to keep. So I'm reluctant to do it myself, because I've changed lots of things. So I'm going to cancel, but that will just get everything, kind of back to, as it was when it came out of the box, and that can be just helpful when you're new, and you're like, "I don't know what preferences I've changed," so go ahead. 

All right, that is it for the weird stuff. Know that there is another weird stuff number two video later in the course, because it covers some weird stuff that is bit more advanced from where we are now. There's kind of two of these videos of just strange helpful things, that Premiere Pro does, and how to fix them, but for now my friends that's the weird technical stuff over. We're now going to get into the exciting world of File Management.