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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Using the default Mogrt Templates in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, we are going to look at the default Motion Graphic templates that are installed in Premiere Pro. Get ready, hold on to your seat. Generic news thing, and then some sliding text. That was my theme music. News at 5:00. So we'll look at the templates, what there is, and how to install them, and get them working for you. Maybe right after this commercial break. 

All right, to get started let's import our footage of the waves. So either 'File', 'Import', or double click down the bottom. In your 'Exercise Files', under 'Project 4', under 'Footage', we want three waves, and let's make a sequence from it, so let's right click it, giant drop-down. If you're like, "Man, this is massive," it is. I spent a while looking for 'New Sequence from Clip'; cool. It's given it the same name, which we know is a little bit confusing. So we're going to call this one '100% NZ V1, and that's what should be up and down here, let's close down these other Timelines, just so we're nice and clean down the bottom here. Could be a good time to start doing a bin, Dan. Nope, I'm going to leave it all messy till the end. 

Let's have a little look at the waves. Very cool, man, drones have really transformed what we can get, right? Imagine trying to hire a helicopter to shoot these, it's beautiful, anyway. So what we want to do is we want to find our built-in kind of template Mographs. So you want to find your Essential Graphics panel, remember, 'Window', 'Essential Graphics', and click on this 'Browse', and here they all are. Mine aren't appearing because the last thing I did, was do a bit of a search, so I'm going to close it down, and you'll see in here, you're not going to have exactly the same as me, because you're in the future, and they're probably going to put more in here, hopefully. 

There are lots of really bad ones in here. If you're like, "Man, these look a bit bad, are they bad?" Yes, some of them are real bad. They're mainly aimed at broadcast and cinema. At the moment there's not a lot of social stuff going on in here yet. I feel like they should, and they will, and it's some that I've installed for other projects, that you're not going to have. So how do I kind of figure them out? Probably a really good way is to hit that Tilde ' ~ ' key, remember our grave key. So just hover your mouse above it, hit that Tilde ' ~ ' key, just to go full screen, and down the bottom here, our little thumbnails. Make them a bit bigger, just so we can have a little look through, and it not be so tough. 

Let's make it massive, let's do it. The other thing to preview them, is let's say this one here, it's kind of like our thumbnails from the last, you know, from, where is it? Down here in our Project window, when we search to this view, you can do the same thing over here, you just move your mouse across them, so you just start on the side and just slowly move across, and they will animate for you, watch this. So just slow-- I'm not doing anything or holding anything, that's just animating across, so some of them don't do a whole lot, and some of them you're like, "It's not doing anything, Dan, not doing anything." It's trying its best to load, it takes a while, you can see, there it is, oh, look at that. 

Remember this one, you ready? That one loads straightaway, if I find one that's a bit more hardcore, let's look at some of these, I don't know, sports ones, watch. You're like, "It's not loading at all." It's trying its best, you just need to be really patient. You hover above them, don't have to click them, it's trying to load it in the background, and it takes forever, sometimes it just never loads, because you computer's slow, and it's just really, really complex. There's our one, look, you can kind of swipe across this one. There you go. 

One of the things I didn't mention is-- what is this? Because it uses a font, it's saying, there's a font included, and you might not have it. So be careful. You'll notice the ones that don't have text in it don't have that font thing. You can right click them and say, 'Sync Missing Fonts', and it will go and check Adobe Fonts, which is part of your Creative Cloud license, and see if it can link it up. Sometimes it doesn't because whoever made these originally, didn't use proper Adobe fonts, might have used some random font. So get to be careful that if-- there might be missing fonts. 

Let's find one now and show you how it actually works. I am a little judgy, the ones that I kind of like, are the bold section of the template ones, I'm going to find this one here. Scrolling is really slow on my computer, it's going to be the same on yours. Just a little hard to navigate these, because all those animations' trying to happen. I'm going to use this one called Bold Title. I'm going to click on it once, and I'm going to hit my Tilde ' ~ ' key to go back. I was hoping it might show it here but it's not. You scrub up and down till you find Bold Title. It’s alphabetically, so I can find it, and in my alphabet there it is there. You just drag it in like we did our Swipe Up. 

So I'm going to add it to the beginning here, and what you might have to do is, you might have to wait for the fonts to load. Mine hasn't loaded yet, my Creative Cloud app is open, which is good. So if you haven't got it open find the Creative Cloud app, and either open it or just make sure it's doing its thing, and it will try and load the fonts, it does take a little while. It doesn't do it automatically, it doesn't anyway, if you're going to change the font, don't worry about it, just go and change them, but if you do want them, try right clicking it over here and sync missing fonts. Give it a sec, watch this little Creative Cloud app. Waiting for it to do its little magic. 

If you find like, sometimes it works, sometimes don't want to work, happens to me all the time as well. I'm going to ignore it, and assume that it's never going to sync. So what I'm going to do is have it selected, and I'm actually going to go change the fonts. So I'm going to go-- your title here is going to be my-- click it, I want to say '100% Pure.' Change this, 'Visit New Zealand', I'm using different fonts, '100% Pure'. That's another important point, see the ones in brackets, it's looking for Bebas Neue, that will do, If it's in rectangles it means, that's what I'm looking for but I can't find it. You might go off and search the internet and see if you can download it, you might go to and see if you can sync it, but I don't want it, so I'm just going to go Museo, and I'm using Museo-- like a bit of Museo Rounded, maybe a light font. 

So that's my adjustment, let's actually look at the animation, Dan, come on, ready? Hey. It's a little bit clumsy, that's just my opinion. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to select it, go on to 'Effects Controls', and you can see, there's a bunch of stuff going on in here. The person who made this Mograph-- have a look, we know the circles mean hiding inside of here is more diamonds, unless they're circles. Slightly more complex easing going on in here, but I can play around with the timing and adjust it as good as I can. Maybe separate it out a little bit. So you can do some alterations afterwards. 

I've changed the fonts, I'm going to change the Drop Shadow as well. So to work on both of these at the same time, a little trick is, I can work on this one that says 100% Pure, and hold down my 'Command' key on a Mac, the 'Ctrl' key on a PC, to click both those bits type, and down here I'm going to play around with the Drop Shadow. So I'm going to add, where's my shadow, it is applied. What I want to do with it, anything that has a line means, these two are two different, and I can't show you. So what you can do is just type in '0' to get them set back to 0, and then start playing around with them. 

How fuzzy do I want it? Maybe a little less, I want the drop down to be 5. I'm just messing with this now. The opacity is right up, how far away, a bit less. It's going to be hard to get it to stand out, so I'm just going to grab this Lumetri Color. I'm going to go to my Exposure, and just take it down just a tiny bit. Just a little bit, to let my text stand out. 

One of the other things I want to show you before we go, is we've used a pretty simple one from the Essential Graphics, run 'Browse'. That's one thing that does get lost. I do it, obviously I just did it. Editing it, it's one thing, but if you want to go back to the templates you got to click on Browse. So we inserted this, and in my Project Window, nothing happened, there's nothing extra appeared in here. Some of them that add some bits, let's have a look at our crazy sports team one, where is it? Sports team, New Spin. 

This actually has a bunch of graphics in it, so if I want to add this to it, it will add it to it just fine but you can see, over here it's added this folder that wasn't there before. In here is a little clip, if I double click it, give it a sec, that's what's being included, this lovely, New Spin. So some of the ones bring in their own assets, some of them don't. In this case I'm going to undo it, undo it. Didn't get rid of it, stays there forever, even with my undo. So some of them will throw in bits in here that they need, and with fonts, I hope your version works better than mine. I've forever had problems syncing fonts, maybe I'm doing it wrong. It feels like that's right, but it never seems to go away, and the font never seems to sync, so I just go to, and, oh, hey, you proved me wrong, Premiere Pro. It heard me, it was like, "Quick, Dan's making a tutorial." So it does work sometimes. 

So that's using templates that are built into Premiere Pro. In the next video we'll look at templates that you've got from other people, that aren't yourself, and that aren't the ones that are built in. Let's go do that now.