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Class Project 05 - Animating Text

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, this video is a class project, you're like, "Hooray." What I want you to do is add this text here towards the end of your clip. Let's have a little listen. 

"… XD, and become a User eXperience Designer." So around that sort of timing of the 06 video, I want you to add Signup text, and I want you to slide it in from the bottom, and I want it to be eased. So just maybe, save a version 2 of your Premiere Pro file. So just do a 'File', 'Save as', especially if you're finding this pretty tough. If you're like, "Man, easing and keyframes is driving me mental," go in and do a 'File' 'Save As', 'v2', just in case you break it. 

That's the text that needs to come in. You're going to animate it from either the bottom or the right hand side. I don't mind where it comes from, just some sort of position animation, make sure there's easing. The optional for the people that are pretty keen, you're like, "I'm getting the hang of this," I want you to animate the background separately, because in this one here I have it coming in together, but remember, earlier on, in terms of the colors I've totally got mixed up my colors, but anyway, different fonts, different colors, I'll leave that choice up to you. 

For this one though, because it's kind of a small one, I don't want you to export an mp4. Just take a screenshot, remember, in here is, get it, so it's up, and hit this, like a little camera button. You can save a JPEG and then submit that as your homework, either on the assignments page, the project section, or in the comments. Tag us there on social media as well. 

Nice easy one, maybe, it could be really frustrating, a bit of practice with animating text. What I'll do is I'll do it together in the next video. This is probably a little bit early in your animation keyframing career, to go off and doing assignments, but I feel like, you'll probably run into questions, if you do this one, that we'll answer in the next couple of videos. So it might be a little bit tough, but it will give you some really good questions to ask. All right, go on, do your homework, and I'll see you in the next video.