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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Text animation for social media video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video we're going to add two blocks of text. Watch, they're going to do some cool sliding thing when they overlap. The majority of this video is not going to be particularly new things, but just recovering and showing some of the quirks and issues that you'll run into, when you're dealing with Type, so it's worth a watch. Keyframes, Source Matching, Overlapping, Arrows. I'm trying to sell you on this video, but if you are here at video, like 90 something, you're committed, I feel it, I'm committed too, let's jump into the video. 

So let's start putting in our text, I'm going to drag my CTI to the beginning here, and let's put in some Type. We'll do it with the Type Tool, I'm going to click once in the middle, because I'm going to get mine to be centered. The text, if you want it, is in your 'Exercise Files', under 'Copy'. You can type it though, it's just, not that many words. This bit here, "Coming Soon, Premiere Pro Essentials." It's weird, because I'm making this course now, and this is a promo that I'm going to publish at the end of this little project. 

So if you are following me on social media already, you would have seen this already a long time ago, "Coming soon." All right, little inception. I'm going to select it all, and go to my 'Essential Graphics,' I'm going to make it centered, I'm using Tandelle. I like this because it's a really clear, condensed font, it's compressed. So it's-- you can fit a lot of words in. So I'm going to separate mine out on to two,bigger. Fill that one up, this one here is going to get smaller. Probably not be all uppercase. Just so it all lines up, nice. 

Now I'm doing mine, like on two lines here, you can just add a second bit of text and do this separately. You don't have to have it all in the same text box if you're finding it difficult. Just in this case it seems to work all right. So mine are ending up down here. So it's actually going to just be there at the beginning. "It is nearly ready," One thing that seems to be weird is, there's a return in here. There we go. So I want mine to come down and kind of slide down like you saw at the beginning. Now there is an option, I want to show you an option that you could use, that you might be thinking, "Why isn't he using that one?" There's a reason why, but let's have a look at effects. 

I know it's called-- it's either Push or Pull, what is it? Push, yeah let's have a look at Push. So if we add Push as a transition, it's pretty cool, you can get it to slide off, and you can select on the word 'Push', go to your 'Effects Controls', and actually get it to go from these different angles. So by default I think it's going to the right, no, it's going-- pushing that way. Pushing from the left out. "Premiere Pro Essentials course…" but you can get it to push up, off screen… "Premiere pro Essentials…" And that would work perfect, except in a little bit of time we're going to look at saving this as a template. It's a thing called a Mograph Template, and that won't get included. 

We have to use the, like standard position set keyframes for that to be recorded. It will make more sense later on, but if you don't want to turn this into a template, totally use the push and just get it to go off screen. Where do I want to get off screen? I wanted to kind of, do I say, sign now, I'm just listening to the audio here. - "Swipe up and…" - There you go. "So if you want to be the first to know when it's ready…" So about swipe up, about there, is where I'm going to switch to that, other bit of text that I've got here, that says, "Swipe up to pre-register." So I'm going to go to there, and then about here it's going to start moving up. So I'm going to set my position on pretty much any of these.
This one here is going to work, and then I'm going to hold 'Shift', snap to the end, and get it to go up. You'll notice it disappeared, where did it go? This happens all the time, we've kind of looked at it before, where the video goes blank, because it doesn't know it should be there, or there, it gets kind of stuck. So often you'll drag it, hold 'Shift', get to the end, you're like, "Where did it go?" You have to go back one frame, I know, I know, I don't-- I'm trying to justify it, seems like a really dumb thing, I don't know. You have to bring it up with Adobe. You do have any things that you'd like fixed in Premiere Pro, there's a place called User Voice. Go to User Voice and look for Premiere Pro, it's where they take feedback on bugs and stuff. You can hit on them in social media, and they do not do anything. User Voice is a way you can vote, look for things that you think are useful. See if anybody else has mentioned it, and upvote it, it's pretty cool. 

Anyway, so we've got it here, I've gone back one frame, how did I go back one frame? I can just drag it or get it to the end by holding 'Shift', and then just hit my left arrow, just goes back one frame. Weirdness. Anyway, I want it to move up, so it's this one, wrong way, go up here. Oh, one little thing that I haven't shown you, is I have to go quite the distance, it's a lot of scrubbing, which is fine, but watch this, if I hold 'Shift', hold 'Shift' key down your keyboard and then start dragging it, can you see, it goes in like mega fast, kind of like 10X is the speed. So without Shift key, the exact same motion, well, holding 'Shift' key…

So if you do have to go long distances, works for any sort of thing you scrub in here, Not just position, but scale anything you like. Cool. "… add a bit of easing." So grab him. Let's do it properly this time, Dan, come on, just so we can understand. From between here and here I want this to ease, which is it? Ease in or Ease out? Pop quiz. I'm looking at this one here, and half of you going to be right, and half of you are going to be wrong. You ease out of that keyframe, and then into this one. Mix. Eventually makes sense. 

"… the first to know when it's ready..." So that's that bit. So the next bit of text, we can just cheat. We're not cheating, it's just, we're being efficient. So we're going to copy this, and we're just going to paste it and change the text. So I'm going to copy it, and paste it, and you're like, "Ugh." It ends up there, how did it end up there?, and you'll come over here and go, "Oh." I'm just going to do the Source Matching, you're like, "Where are they all gone?" I thought I understood, it doesn't-- it's weird. It is weird, took me ages to work this out. These things here are only to be used when you're using your Source Monitor. So if I open up something, you'll see it appears. So nothing in there, if I open up 'Ink', then the source matching works, and I click on this, and it will insert on to that line there. So that's to do with that. Nothing, if I close this down, watch, they all disappear again. Doesn't disappear, it's back, but it's nothing to do with that, it's-- copy and pasting is to do with these first ones, so you can say, actually, officially I'm going to go to this line, maybe even this one, just to keep it away from everything. 

So yeah, it is confusing. And what you'll do is you do what I do, you copy it, and you're lazy, you zoom out, and you just paste over here, wherever it goes, and then drag it back in. That's what I do lots of. So I'm going to extend this one this way, so they kind of match up, listen. "… first to know when it's ready, swipe up…" So let's change the text, you can be on any tool, basically, the Selection Tool, the Type Tool, Just kind of double click this, and eventually you get there. If you find it too hard you can click on it, go up to 'Essential Graphics', and just double click this as well, it kind of starts the same sort of process. 

So I'm going to do swipe up, and then this text here is going to be, "Pre-register." Come on, I can do it, paste. "To Pre-register…" Man, making a meal of it; it's all right. All right, "SWIPE UP TO PRE-REGISTER". Let's all be caps, because. Let's make it all bigger, now this is where, I want to make it all bigger but I can't really, because there's two different kinds of fonts, I'm going to cheat and use the scale, because they both come up together. Move it up a little bit. Now I want the arrow at the top. Did you see it in that kind of initial preview? Now arrows, you can go off, there's lots of ways you can do arrows. A nice easy way is just use the font Webdings, or you can go off to the internet, find-- you're looking for an arrow that has a png or transparent background. You can import it as an image, bring it in, but I'm just going to do this trick, where, I want an arrow. 

So I'm going to switch my font to Webdings, or Wingdings, can never remember. So Wingdings, we're going to use. Wingdings have a bunch of symbols. So over here I've got Wingdings I'm going to type in a-- so I'm going to type in, I know it's meant to be lowercase h, so I'm going to put in lowercase h to start with, Get rid of the uppercase thing, and go to Wingdings. You're like, "Man, how does he know about Wingdings? This guy's good." He's not, he typed in 'wingdings free font map', and just had a look through them all, and just-- that one's not a good one to look at. You can start looking at all these different ones, and you're like, "Oh, I want that arrow," and you can see it's a lowercase h. An uppercase h is a double arrow that way. Just a font for symbols; thank you the spreadsheet guru. 

Anyway, so it needs to all come up, let's grab my 'Selection Tool', holding 'Shift' to kind of get it to slide there. So again, I'm going to use my little special trick where I want to kind of-- there's this, there's the join, right?, and I want it to come in a little bit, and that's where I want it to finish. So I'm going to go to my 'Effects Controls', turn my Position 'on', I've got this one selected. Now this has got animation from the last project I did. So I'm going to delete that, I don't want those keyframes, or the easiest way probably is to reset it, or to turn the clock off, and you say, "Would you like to delete the keyframes?" "Yes," and then turn it back on. 

So I got my first keyframe, get back to the beginning holding 'Shift', and I want to scrub it down there. All right, that didn't work. How am I doing there? Undo. There's my first keyframe, back to the beginning, there it is there, and then scrub it down. There you go, keyframes are tough, even me, I spend as long as the time, like, "What? What happened up here?" Effects Controls, rah. Anyway, we got it, right? 

So plays a little bit, swipes up. Let's do the proper way. Temporal Interpolation, which one is it? You ease out of that keyframe, and then into this one, into. - "Ready?" Having a good day, I'm humming. Don't normally hum in a class. It's the beginning of a new day, I've got myself a coffee, the sun's out, and we're swiping up. - "Ready?" - Looks nice. And we might do it at the end there, where it actually completely swipes up, and leaves us with a bit of video to actually click on. We're still at our 15 seconds, and we're going to put a keyframe in to say, don't move. 

So between here and here, don't move, but between here and here, zoom, and what do we hold down to zoom it up the top of the screen? That's right, we hold 'Shift', we go the wrong way, then the right way. Hopefully the easing, it's continued the easing on from these, and it's not going to be right. Just grabs whatever this one was, and replicates it. So between here and here, it's going to be wrong, because that's meant to be easing in, and I don't want it ease in, I want it to ease out into this one. So let's cheat, let's just click them both, and say, all in, and all out, there we go. 

Now that trick works normally really well when you've only got two keyframes. If you've got a really complex animation, just selecting them all, and go easing in and easing out will, maybe work or might not work, but it really, works really easily with just two keyframes. "… course, it is going…" Oh, a bit fast.  So let's give it a play. "… ready, swipe up…" That's an interesting question, that you didn't ask. This one here went nice. "Ready?" So that's what I did, I matched the kind of spacing over here, and I was like, "Okay, it's the same spacing, it'll be the same niceness." 

"This course is going…" Where is that one going? So much faster, is it something to do with the easing? No, it's just the amount of space it has to cover. So this one here starts, can you see the top of the box? It only have to, watch it move, it only has to come up that far. So between here and here it only has to move a little bit, but between the same distance it has to move a whole lot further, because we have to hold Shift to get it all the way up there. 

So that's why this one is a whole lot faster, even though the keyframes look the same, just this one has to get up, get moving. So I'm just going to space them out. "… don't miss this course, it is…" It's probably too slow. "… this course, it is…" All right, one thing you might do is, there's this thing, we missed this opportunity here where they could push one off, at the moment it's a very simple, you know, this one finishes, this one starts. 

"… the first to know when it's ready." So this one here, we're going to overlap just to make it look a little nicer. So which one's going to overlap, it doesn't matter. I feel like this one should overlap, I don't know why. I'm going to lift this one up, I'm going to overlap it, and then I'm going to have to move the keyframes, because at the moment, doesn't matter that they're physically overlapped down here on the Timeline, the keyframes are still finishing, can you see, about here. So I need to grab them and just zip them along a little bit, towards the end. 

Let's give it a go. "… it's ready, swipe up…" A bit too much. “… know when it's ready…" "… ready, swipe up…" Oh, it's not quite right. You get the idea though. "… when it's ready, swipe…" Maybe I did like it when I was getting there. - "… when it's ready, swipe up…" - Yeah, it's kind of nice. 

All right, kind of had some practice, we've learned a few things, we've addressed a few little issues that happen to us, like copying and pasting, and source matching, and keyframes doing weird stuff, and hopefully reintroduce you to Webdings, you remember it, you've used it, you're like, "Huh, I can use it, maybe I should use it more." Handy for things like arrows, shapes, and symbols. The best was the bomb emoji, does anybody remember that? Like it wasn't even emoji back then, was just a symbol of like this old TNT Acme Disney bomb, that came with Webdings, one of them. Anyway, that's enough for this one, let's get into the next video.