Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 01 - Basic Editing

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, it is class project time. Don't think of it as homework, think of it as exciting practice that you get to do. So what I do to facilitate this is, in your exercise files, there is-- 'Exercise Files', there is a folder called 'Z Class Projects'. Z, just get it down the bottom here. So in Class Projects, open it up, and the main one you want is this Word doc, so open up 'Class Project Notes'. You'll see this, there'll be more class projects coming up. I'm kind of adding them as I go through the course. 

So this is Class Project 1, basic editing. So I want you to do a couple of things. First one is, add the last two files. So over here we've got 01XD, 02, 03, 04. We've got those already, there's two more to go in. So add those two files from your exercise files, they're called 05 and 06. Edit them either using the Razor, or the dragging method. So snip them up with the Razor Tool, or just drag the ends like we learnt, up to you. Has a little bit of extra level in it.

The second, sorry, the 06, I want to show you real quick, has more than one kind of good edit. I did a couple of versions, so you're going to import both, 05 and 06, but 06, if I drag it to my timeline here, and kind of scoot across, you'll notice that-- I just want to show you, I do this version and I get-- that one's okay, so I kind of-- a couple of false starts there, where I give up, and then this long chunk here is actually okay, and when I get a good take, it's very common to have a bit of a clap at the end, not because I'm so great, but listen. See, that one's alright, clap. It's just so that when I'm editing later on I can see in the timeline a spike, because say I've done it 10 times and I'm not sure which one it is, I'll clap after the ones that I think are okay, so I think that one's okay. No clap after this one so I think that one is bad. Then I get started again over here, I half started, give up. 

You can see this long chunk here is another option. So you can decide whether it's this one, have a listen through, do some editing, is what I guess, I'm trying to say is, pick this one or this first one, after here, and decide which one you want to use. They're both the same, just different kinds of deliveries. So that's the kind of homework, but what I want you to do is, do that, this one doesn't require any submission, you don't have to like send it to me to prove it, because it's just something simple. I want you to do it, but I don't want you to prove it. Karma will come and get you if you pretend to do it. Give it a go, give it a practice.

One thing you can do is just let me know you've started the course. So on social media just let me know that you've started the Premiere Pro course, kind of, yeah, interesting to know who gets started. They're all-- use the hashtag Premiere Pro on any of the social medias, they all work. So if you're an Instagram person, I'm bringyourownlaptop, Twitter, I'm danlovesadobe. On Facebook group there's a link to the Facebook group, and there's a link to the LinkedIn group. If you can't find either of them through the link, just type in bring your own laptop group on both of those, and you can go and just let me know, yeah, you got started. So go give it a go, if it goes horribly wrong I will do it in the next video. So you can see me doing it, and how I would approach it. Yeah, I'll see you there.