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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

How to add darkened edges vignette to video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, we're going to look at adding a Vignette. It's this lovely dark stuff around the outside. Off, on, off, on. You can add white stuff as well around the outside, very different effect, but very easy to apply, let's jump in now and apply a vignette. \
All right, to apply our vignette we're going to add, remember, my Experience Timeline. I'm going to drag out a bit of footage, you can drag anything. I'm dragging B005 from Bin B. Just make sure your Playhead is above it and that the clip is selected. Make sure you can see your Lumetri Color Panel. It's this one here, under 'Window', and there it is over here. What we might do is just close down everything, so that you can see the last one here called Vignette or Vi-gi-nity. I can never spell it, I'm typing it in Google. Even Google's, you know, "Did you mean?" Sometimes it just doesn't, so Vi-gi-nity is how I remember it. 

With it selected, and down, with your clip selected, just drag this top slider to the left. You'll see, ends at nice kind of darkened edges in here. So dragged to the left gives you dark, drag it to the right, gives you white ones. It's probably not the right effect. I feel like it's more of a, you know, like, thought actually might have died, and this is more of like a recount of a life, remember when, and this, dramatic. All right, this could be me. You can play around with Midpoints, basically I just leave them, but just so you know, you can kind of stretch it in, stretch it out. It depends on how much you want. 

Roundness, let's drag it in there, I want to show you roundness, you don't have to. Can be a square vignette or a really round one. Can you see this one, let's go for Amount, Midpoint. I'm trying to kind of at least show you, there you go. So roundness, do you want it to be like that? Feather is how blurry it is on the edges, you probably want it pretty high. And Midpoint, let's turn that down so you could see what Midpoint does. You might want to just get the edges, look at that, just a little hint at it. It's a weird feature where it's, you know, we-- I add it way too much, I love it. Every video that I ever make, add a vignette. Never a good-- it's like Lens Flare in Photoshop. When I first learnt it, put it on everything. Problem is, I've never grown out of it, I just have it on everything. 

What are the defaults? I can't remember, Just going to stick more in the 'middle'ish. Now we add as an effect, it's kind of a by-product of old photographs. When you had bad camera equipment you were forced to have vignettes because it couldn't capture the light, and the focus around on the outside, we add it now as an effect. So it's up to you, you might hate it, I love it. You want to turn it off, just turn the little tick off, turn it back on.

That my friends is a vignette. Known only to me as a Vi-gi-nity, you too, now. I've cursed that word for the rest of your career, you look at it, you'd be like, yeah, geez, vi-gi-nity, I can't spell. All right, that's the end of that one, let's jump on to the next video.