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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Creating your own default preset effect & lumetri in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, we're going to create a preset. We're going to add some noise to this film, we're going to add a bit of color grading to it, then we're going to turn it into a preset, and then we're going to grab random of the footage and apply it. Ready, steady, apply. 

It applies both the Lumetri Color changes that we made, plus some of the effects that we made in the Effects Panel. It's a way of kind of bringing together separate parts that you've done in Premiere Pro, to change the footage into one reusable preset. Super helpful for those repeatable jobs, where you want to do the same thing every time, and get the same kind of effect and look. All right, I'll show you how to do it now in Premiere Pro. 

To create a preset we need to actually do something to some footage. I'm just going to use-- which one I'll use? I'll use this one here. So which one is this one? This is the shed. I'm just going to do a quick little bit of orange and 'teal'ey looking stuff. Remember it captures Lumetri Color, and you could just do that, and create your preset. We're going to do something a little bit more, so we're going to say that, plus we're going to do our effects. 

Remember, under 'Effects', we want to put on our 'Noise', and where's our Noise, there it is there. You can do as much or as little as you like and increase the noise up. Okay. Oh, it's looking good. So we've done a couple of things, it could be the black and white, we have to have a vignette, because that's my addiction, can't help myself. So we've got a few things applied. Basically what we're doing is we're looking at this Effects Controls. Doesn't matter if you applied Effect on here or Lumetri Color, you can see in here, these are the different things we've done. 

You can include anything in here. We are going to include-- I'm going to hit those little chevrons just to tidy things up to make it look nicer, and I want to include this one. I'm going to hold down my 'Command' key on a Mac, and click on this 'Noise'. So 'Ctrl' key on a PC, and I could decide to hold that one, so you can see, you can select more than one. I'm going to click it again, holding down 'Command' on a Mac, 'Ctrl' on a PC, so I just want two of them. These are what I want to include in my preset. All you do is right click any one of the words here and go to 'Save Preset', and that's basically it. 

What I'm going to do is going to give it a name. I always give mine my first name, mainly because later on-- if you call it Black and White or, I don't know, Orange and Teal, or something else, you might forget, like is it the one that's Preset, or is that one that came with Premiere Pro, or is that one I've made? So I'm going to call this one Orange Teal + Noise. I'm going to leave it 'Set to Scale'. You can add a description that nobody will read. Okay, where does it go? So we're going to add, you can add any footage here. You can be working on our--

Let's go back to our video footage. What have we got here? Let's do it to-- I'm going to bring in the last one. You've already done it in your practice exercise. So which one are you going to use? Let's overwrite it. Actually no, let's use a bit of the Cam B footage. So I'm going to grab it, grab anything I like, and I'm going to stick it on my Timeline. Oh, can't fit it in there, what do you do? Zoom out a little bit. Remember, minus ' - ' on your keyboard. Stick it in here, I'm going to apply my preset. Where do they hide the presets? Go to 'Effects', click on this. You can do a search for it, if I type in 'Dan', here you go, all the Dan ones together. If you don't do that though they're all under Presets. 

So if any of this is open just close them all down, go to 'Presets', and there's mine there. So there's my preset, I'm going to drag it onto my clip, and it will apply both that orange and teal thing that I made, and way too much noise. Good shot. 

So yeah, that's how to create a preset, it could be anything in here. You could play with the opacity when we get into doing animating, moving things around. We set Position Scale, will be in your Preset as well. So really handy for 'repeatable'ness. Can you see over here? For some reason that's the icon for your presets. It will show you, if you squint and look in there, actually has noise applied to it, and the orange and teal just gives you a kind of a-- tries to give you a preview. All right, that's presets, my friend. Let's get on to the next video.