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Getting started in our Audio section of the Premiere Pro course

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, it's me, back, I'm live, and look, you can't see my microphone. This little section, we're still working on that same project. So my XD Talking Head project, adding a little bit more excitement to that, but we we're going to fix up a bit of the audio from it, but also go on a bit of a tangent to cover a lot more audio, that's kind of related to this particular project, but I want to kind of jam it all together, so that you've got a nice little segment in the course to work with audio. If you haven't had audio problems in the past, you'll probably get at least a couple of these in the future. So yeah, let's look at fixing audio, making audio better, audio stuff, let's jump in. 

To get started we're going to add a bit of background music, and learn a few shortcuts to help our process out, while we're working through audio. Now the first thing we're going to do is import some stuff. So let's go to 'File', let's go to 'Import'. We're going to import two complete bins. From our Exercise Files, Project 3, and we're going to bring in Audio and Footage. There's nothing in the Graphics folder, so we're not going to bring it in. We're going to bring in both those, there's quite a bit in Audio, that we're going to work through in this kind of section. There's a little bit of footage as well. So bring in both of those, click 'Import', hopefully you should get two bins in here. If that doesn't work for you for whatever reason, this one here is a problem, what is this one? Doesn't really tell me what it is. I can't remember what file format is not supported. Can't be important; click 'OK'. 

So I want to find an audio, let's find the-- one that I want is Music. I'm going to use Cali Buzz, you can pick any of these, but just pick Cali Buzz for the moment. I'm going to click, hold, and drag it. I'm going to put it on my Track 2. Sometimes you can't see the front of this. So you might be zoomed in, I mean, dragging it in. So what you might try-- what's the sweet shortcut, that gets-- that kind of expands the Timeline? That's right, backslash, ' \ ', not forward slash, ' / ', forward slash is the tricky one. If I hit forward slash it sets in and out points around that. You've probably already done it, you probably done it right then. You're like, "I knew what it is," whoops. 

So forward slash, bad, I'm going to undo it, or you can right click it and 'Clear In and Out' points. So that's a sweet shortcut for you, 'X', sorry, forward slash. It's not what we want now, we want backslash, ' \ '. So now I can see everything, now makes it easy for me to add Cali Buzz. I'm going to do a couple of things, is, we're going to get it to the right volume. It's way too loud for my particular project. I'm going to switch-- I'm going to do a few things, let's tidy this project up so we can move on. Here it will fit, so it fits in here. I'm also going to extend this down a little bit, so I can see it. 

So you need to grab the gap, I'd like to be able to see the waveform. Other thing I want to do is I want to see the end of the track. We can still hit that backslash, ' \ '. Look at that, and it expands it out to include this thing. What I want to do is extend it probably just a little bit past this last part, because I want there to be a-- still too loud, I've ignored that. So I wanted to kind of just, maybe it is nice against the end here, I changed my mind, but let's lower the volume. So while it's moving I'm going to grab this line. If you can't see the line it means this is just too small. If you wondered how I slide that up, you can just grab this, and slide it up and down. I'm using my scroll wheel on my mouse, but make it bigger, so you can actually see this line. 

I just want to reiterate, you'll be like, "I already know this", but if you don't, if it's too small, you can't grab that line, so you need to actually make it bigger. So that line appears, and while it's playing, I'm going to drag it down. Too loud. So kind of dragged it down. What you probably need to do is, you need to get a second opinion before you publish anything. So if you are thinking, "Wonder if that's too loud," I think nine times out of ten your music's always too loud. That was always my experience, I'm getting better at it now, because I think, "Oh, that's good," and then go even lower, because I export it, I'm like, "I can't hear your voice over the music, music's too loud." 

So we've got that in, we've got the music at the right level, we've clipped the end. I was going to continue on with a few other things, but I think they deserve their own videos mainly so that you can find them, in the distant future, when you come back, and it's not all lumped into this particular video. All right, let's put them off, and I'll see you in a second.