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How to get your Premiere Pro video from laptop to Instagram

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video I'm going to show you how to get your video files from your computer to your phones, so that you can upload them to Instagram, because Instagram will only let you add content via your phone, at the moment. There's many ways, let me show you the one that I use. 

So there are many ways to get your video from your computer to your phone. You can use any of them, there's no right or wrong way, just figuring out a way. I'm going to cover my way here, but you could use AirDrop, if you've got a Mac computer, and an iPhone. I don't, I've got a Mac computer and an Android, and they don't like each other. They are polite to each other but they don't work very well. The other way you could do is Dropbox. Dropbox is a perfectly good one, and Google Drive is another good one, or whatever you use to share files. You can email it to yourself, that's a way of doing it. 

Often the file sizes can be a bit big free mail but that can work. I'm going to show you to use the way using Adobe's Creative Cloud, because if you're doing this Premier Pro course you probably got the license. So let me show you how. So you've got kind of two ways to get started. On your computer you probably have the Creative Cloud app installed, and it probably, during its startup process, installed this Creative Cloud Files folder. If you can't find it, on a Mac, look under your kind of root directory, and there'll be a folder in there. On a PC it's-- do a search for Creative Cloud Files, that's the folder you're looking for. 

What we can do is we can just add to it. So I'm going to open up two windows here. I'm going to open up my 'Drafts', and I'm going to just drag it in. I'm going to drag a copy because I want to keep these in here. I'll do one that way, and one another way. So I've just dragged it into my files, because my Creative Cloud app is open, can you see the little double arrows, it's syncing to the Internet, that's the whole idea of this. It's a version of Dropbox or Google Drive, if you haven't used it before. As part of your subscription you get a chunk of available space. 

So that's one way, the other way is just to go to your web browser, go to '', you'll end up at-- this first one here is called Files. What we might do is be a little bit more clever, we'll create a folder, and we'll call this one, the same name as the folder on our desktop, we're going to click it. So BYOL is the client, now we're going to try and find their folder, there it is there, and all we need to do is drag it in here. Can you just drag it in? You can. So where is it? Instagram Stories, in it goes. You end up doing the same thing, it says uploading. They change the layout or the UI of this quite a bit. I'm going to wait for mine to upload. Come on, farm internet, I'll see you in a second. 

Okay, it's there, now it's on the Internet, now we need to get it to our phone. I'm going to show you how to do that. I'm going to switch over to my phone now. So I've dropped to my phone, it doesn't matter if you're on iPhone or Android, just download the Creative Cloud app. So go to your App Store or the Play Store on Google, download the Creative Cloud app, and open it up. You'll have to sign in, it will ask you for your Adobe ID and password, and then what we need to do is find our file. You can either find it, or go search for it, it does need to update. So there is a bit of lag between it actually going from your computer, and actually appearing in here. I swipe down from the top just in, and there it is. There's my two files, one on the right, which you can't see me pointing at, is the one that I uploaded just by dragging it into the files. Remember, just into that Creative Cloud Files folder, and the one on the left, is I used the web interface and created a sweet folder. Doesn't really matter which one you want, we'll use the square one. 

So what you need to do is download it. So click on it, I hit the little, three little dots to the bottom right, and let's download the original file. We don't want a cut-down version, and it's just going to download it to our phone somewhere. Remembering the name of this can be helpful for finding it later. So it's downloading, I think, there it is down the bottom there, downloaded. I'll do the same thing for this one. Actually I don't want to download the folder, I just want to download this, 'Download Original', thank you very much. 

So downloaded that, now I've got it on my phone to load to Instagram. So you don't need to show me this, I'll show you this really, because it's, kind of how you upload anything to Instagram. So in here I'm going to go and say ' + ', and you'll see, see the two files there, on the left, or the first two files, are the two different videos, there you go. That's how you upload it to Instagram. So whether it's a story or a post, that's how you do it. 

If Creative Cloud for some reason doesn't work for you, in your flow, you can download apps, like the Creative Cloud app there, that I'm pointing to, that you can't see, the red one on the left, you can download apps for Dropbox, and what is Amazon's one, Drive?, or OneDrive I think, from Microsoft. Doesn't really matter, you just need the files to be transferred, from computer to phone, and then into Instagram. All right, that is it, I will see you in the next video.