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Wow, you made it to the end, I made it to the end, we both made it. It is a nice big course, the biggest one I've ever made, and I worry that I'm the only one here. Thanks for you making it, at least. To prove that you made it, at least somebody made it, we'll use a special hashtag, just between me and you. You post it on social media, on these social medias, and we'll use a hashtag, so use my name, well, one of my handles, and also the #PP, for Premiere Pro, and game over, like you've won the game, you've finished. Boss level complete. 

So what do you do now? You've got the skills, and there's going to be a few of you that are watching, that, actually just, you're already kind of producing video, maybe in a different bit of software, and you need to move over to Premiere Pro, you can keep on going. There'll be some of you though that are doing maybe a career side-step, or maybe you're a new student, and you're looking to get into video. It's going to come down to portfolio building. So your portfolio is-- nobody-- you know, nobody cares if you have, you know, where the shortcuts are, what they want to see is what you can actually do. So make sure you complete all the projects in this course. If you haven't already, go back and do those. 

Also you're going to have to start working on your own kind of portfolio pieces. It doesn't really matter how you get started, whether you create your own briefs or start taking on-- I don't like taking on free work but sometimes you need to. Just to get a few pieces in your portfolio, so that you can prove to people, "This is what I'm capable of," even if you're using watermarked footage. If you're using watermarked footage from one of the stock video sites, that's totally okay. If I was hiring somebody and they're doing amazing work, or the kinds of work that I need, and it's all watermarked, I'm, like I don't mind, because I can easily give them a subscription and remove those watermarks. So don't be constrained just by free stuff, if you can't afford paid things. Start using watermarked footage. 

Also look at EditStock. Remember it's-- it feels-- you know, to me, doesn't seem that expensive to get some really good quality, stock library, like actual footage, for actual short films and commercials, and stuff. So you can start practicing and showing people what you're capable of. In terms of your education, next step might be a Premiere Pro Advanced course. For a lot of you though, the Essentials, hopefully, is kind of covering a good range so you can get actually producing stuff, but there will be some of you that would be keen to go further, an advanced course. I need to see if there's demand first. So if you are like, "Yeah, that would be cool, I want to do that," let me know via either social media, or any which way you like, that you would be keen, and if there is enough demand I'll start making that course. 

In terms of the next bit of software that you should learn, probably if you're in Premiere Pro land, After Effects would be the one. So it doesn't really-- I've got an After Effects course, you might check those out, but that's probably your next progression in terms of software. There's some things Premiere Pro does okay, and After Effects does amazing. We talked about those at the beginning. If you also want to carry on with other creative tools, I've got courses in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, kind of UX and Web Design courses, so you might want to check those out as well. 

Now for social media we've talked about tagging us, in terms of your class projects, but in terms of, post this class, if there's things that have helped you either get a little bit faster in, or really kind of helped you get together, tag me in them, I love to see what people actually make outside of the course as well. 

Now for YouTube you might consider subscribing to the channel. There's just some things that just happen outside of the scope of a course. That go up onto my YouTube channel, not full courses, but little snippets of things, so it's worth subscribing. Now if you are a YouTube content creator, let me know what you're up to. It's a bit of vanity on my part, I like to see who I might have helped, getting a little bit better at their production. Yes, so just message me, doesn't have to be much, just, "Hey Dan, did your course, this is my YouTube channel." I'm just interested to see what people are doing, and how I might have helped just a smidgy bit. 

All right, it's the actual, actual end. We've been together for a long time now, it's like 130 something videos. Well done to you, well done to the editors as well, the people that edit these videos, Jason and Tayla, it's like the longest course they've had to do. Thank you very much, guys, and for me, yeah, I'm happy to be taking this shirt off. You're like, "He hasn't been wearing that the whole time, has he?" I'm like, "Not telling." It's been washed once or twice. Also, I made the executive decision at the beginning, to sit on this really uncomfortable stool while I'm doing these, so my back hurts. I've got this really comfy chair, not sure if it's in the screen, but I made the aesthetic choice that it needed to be off camera, and I needed to sit on the stool, but it's really uncomfortable. So new shirt, going to sit on my comfy chair for a while, and I hope to see you potentially in another course, but for now, goodbye.