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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 07 - More Sizzle

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, it is time for a class project, it is project number 7. More sizzle; great name, Dan. Basically I want to take the project that I set for you, project no. 2. Remember the Web course you did right at the beginning of this experiment. So it was class project 2, was all these ones, saggy jeans here. Should have had a shave, red glasses. That one there you did at the beginning, I want you to add more sizzle, like we did for this last section. So grab that old exercise, duplicate it. I want you to do the following. So change the framing, so reframe it. Remember we did it in this last project, remember, kind of, I'm standing kind of halfway, and in this one here we zoom in, that's what I mean. 

So scale that up and reframe it so it looks like a change of camera angle. What else? There is the lower thirds, you created some in the last one, I want you to delete what you've got, and I want you to create an animated option using Easing. I don't mind what kind of animation, but go nuts in this one, you know, the text can slide in, I don't know, the box can scale in, and use Easing, do something. 

Now in terms of the sound, the sound wasn't too bad, so go through, have a little listen, and decide whether it needs to be fixed up, and if not, you can-- I just want you to have a look at the clarity option, in Essential Sound, let's have a look. So clarity here is this option, have a little play around with these. It's not-- there's not a like a specific magic potion in here. Just get an idea of what some of these do, just to enhance the audio. 

So what else is on our list? Background music, you'll either have to shorten or extend it, depending on which music you've picked, you pick anything, remember we did that funny overlap thing, I want to do that again. Get to fade it in, fade it out, so that it's kind of the perfect length. You might have to chop a big chunk out of the middle, or you might be extending and doubling it up. 

Experiment with Vibrance, with that course, remember, not Saturation, we'll look at Vibrance, and Color Grade, it's up to you whether you want to color grade it, because it's like a how-to video, probably doesn't require a whole lot of like special looks, it will only look like the matrix, but have a play around with it. Remember, it's under Lumetri Color, we'll play around with looks. 

So once you've done all that I want you to export an mp4, will match the source, we use the Medium Bitrate, just to make it a little bit smaller from now on, and I want you to export it just make sure it's Mono sound. Then once you've done that, upload it to the usual places. 

Remember, we want a link, eithe from YouTube, Vimeo, or Behance, or wherever you want to stick the link. Share with us through the assignments, or the projects, or the comments, and also share it to us via social media. You can either post a YouTube video, inside of something like Instagram, and tag us, or you can upload your video directly to Instagram using some tricks. Actually it's quite hard to do an Instagram, you can upload directly to Twitter and Facebook, or look at getting your videos up to Instagram in an upcoming video, it's a little bit tricky to do. 

All right, my friends, go add more sparkles, more sizzle to your Web course. Do what we say, do your homework from this list, and then upload it and share it. I'll see you after you've done your homework.