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How does Dolby 5.1 in premiere Pro work

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, this video we're going to quickly talk about Dolby. Mainly because we are in the whole, learning about stereo versus mono. There are actually more channels that you can use. Let's have a quick little look at it.
For me the word Dolby Surround Sound was just this kind of mystery, until I opened up in Premiere Pro, and I was like, "Hmm, that's what it is." It's really clear to see. So in your Project Window, find 'Audio', and in here there's one in here called 'Sound 2.' What I want you to do is-- yours might be ordered-- mine is ordered by Frame Rate, it happens all the time. So I click 'Name', just get in the habit of reordering. What we'll do is we'll double click it, and we'll hit 'Play' to have a look at this Dolby 5.1 experience. 

Now in this case-- I'm going to talk over the top of it and ruin it. You have a listen to your version, it's both video and audio, and to get the real true sound you'll have to put it on a surround sound, home theater style system, or try headphones, it's still pretty cool, but let's have a little look at another way of viewing this. 

So instead of looking at the video, which is pretty cool, is to actually have a look at the audio, you're like, "Oh, look at this." That's why it's 5.1 You've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and you're like, "That's 6 not 5.1" Basically they call-- all of these channels you got your left and your right, which is what we've got in stereo, but you've also got center. It's that center speaker that you stick underneath the TV, typically, then you've got left surround and right surround. So just two speakers that generally go behind you to the left, and behind you to the right, and then this one here, low frequency effect, this is the bass. That's why it's .1, I don't know why it's .1, but it's the sub woofer that you plug into it. So that's why they call it 5.1 

You can have 3.1, you can have 7.1 7.1 gives you roof speakers. I think, Dolby call it Atmos, I think. It just fires the speakers off the roof. I think they actually just project sound up there, but anyway, if you do see Dolby 5.1 on stuff now, you'd be like, "I know what that means." It's a bunch of channels all together. If you listen through just your headphones still sounds pretty cool, but obviously doesn't have the right amount of speakers to get the full experience. 

Now the other thing to note when you are using files like this, watch this, if I go back to my video version, and I want to say, add it to this particular sequence, I'm going to hit my ' \ ', zoom out a little bit so I can add it over here. So you want to add the whole thing, you're like, "Uh, what happened?" You're like, "What's going on?" I can see it, but where's the audio? It's down here, watch. Got its own layer. So it's got its own track because it is special, it is 5.1. So if you are dealing with stuff that you've got, and it's ending up on it's weird track, it might be 3.1, 7.1, just a handy thing to know that, you can't have all these separate tracks mixed in with the stereo. Just doesn't like it. 

So if there are things splitting off, and doing their own thing on their own layers, is because this guy doesn't want to go there. In the next couple of videos I'll show you how to convert things like this, multi track into kind of stereo or mono. Yeah, that really helped explain it to me when I was like, kind of half understood it, but now, seeing it in here kind of makes it really clear, at least to me it did. 

You might be thinking, "Why the hang are we talking about 5.1?" Mainly because you have stuff ending up on weird tracks, just have a little look in here. This one here says, "I am 5.1" Let's move on to the next video. Actually, before you go have a look at that video. If you have got surround sound, even with just headphones, just watch it all the way through, it's pretty spectacular. It's amazing what you can do as a sound artist. I don't know the term for it but that is pretty beautiful stuff. Mixed in with some pretty beautiful graphics. All right, next video.