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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 06 - Opacity Change

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, little micro class project. I want you to do this, so you sign up, it kind of fades in, and at the end here - let me play it - it fades out at the end as well. So practice what we did in the last video. So get it to fade all in, hard to tell with that one, it's clear when it fades out. 

The difference between this one, is you'll see in your notes, that we're not going to do it per text and the shape, because we'd have to do it separately, they both have their own positions. We're going to do it globally using this one here, under video. 'Video', 'Opacity', do the animation on then, because then it's kind of fade out for both of these at the same time. 

We're going to use the difference between the two, and for this one there is no homework submission. Do not need to assign-- do any sort of assignments. It's just a little micro project. I'll know if you don't do it, I'll sense it in the force if you don't do it. So make sure you do your practice, and make sure you're using this one, using the Effects Control, which is this panel here, and we're using Video and Opacity. All right, I will see you in the next video