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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Editing voice over & music to our Instagram story Premiere

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video we are going to put in our dialogue and our background music. We'll balance them out, get them corrected, add some clarity. We're going to get rid of some weird lip noises that appear, plus we're going to learn what a plosive is, and how to try and get rid of it as best as we can, and what you'll figure out, is Dan will not notice that this marker moves from 15 seconds. Freaks him out, eventually he catches up. I like to talk about Dan in the third person when he does silly things. You'll see what I do in a little bit, and you'll see I'll probably lose my, I don't know, professionalism a little bit. Lot of laughing, but anyway, let's get in there and edit our Instagram story. 

Let's start adding our audio, double click anywhere, or remember, 'File', 'Import', and we want to go to our 'Exercise 'Files'. Actually no, the one on our desktop where you imported it over. Under 'Audio' there's one called '1 Dialog'. Import that. You'll notice that I haven't put anything in folders yet, or bins. I feel like there's no point at this stage, so my process normally is, wait till it gets out of control, then put it in bins. So let's add our dialogue, we're going to kind of use that to get started. You'll notice that it's probably way too long so let's zoom in. It's way past our 15 seconds, which is annoying. Have a little listen through it yourself, and we're going to do some basic editing. 

I'm going to do it as well, but probably in fast forward mode. "It is nearly ready, I am right in the middle of filming my Premiere Pro Essentials course." "If you want to be the first to know when it's ready, swipe up and pre-register." "Don't miss this course, it is going to be loads of fun." Adding lip smacks while you're actually trying not to add lip noises is really difficult, like the tenth take. I'll explain this in the course. All right, stop talking, Dan, you're making this mp3 really long. It was a long time since I recorded this, I laughed myself because I'm like, I forgot I even recorded all this stuff, so basically in this audio, I added lip smacks, like little weird yucky lip noises, in here, so you can get rid of them. Where is it? This one here, I think, ready? Pretty gross. 

So we're going to go and edit it out, and I'm just going to show you how I do it. So I'm going to zoom in. I'm going to trim up the beginning here, because I need it to be 15 seconds. "It is nearly…" That's good. Double click the space, click it once, delete it. "It is nearly ready, I am right in the middle of filming my Premiere Pro Essentials course." Our first bit of problem is this… "… my Premiere Pro…" I remember it now, when I recorded this, because I was like, I'll record it again because I did what's called a plosive. A plosive is this, I'm going to-- move your-- if you've got headphones on, turn them down, ready? In three, two, one, Premiere Pro. It's when you like yell into the microphone, it's not even yelling, it's just some words, shoot out of your mouth really fast, and make this weird kind of like puff noise across the microphone. 

So I did it here and I was like, "Oh, I'll record it again," because they are really hard to get rid of. Then I was like, "No, leave them in the course," because these things will happen. And I'll show you, there's a way of mitigating them, but not a way of removing them, let's have a look. "My Premiere…" So I can zoom in…"… my Premiere Pro…" 

What I might do is get the audio-- can you see the waveform's quite low. So before I go and do my editing I'm going to select it, go to 'Essential Sound', 'Dialog', 'Loudness', 'Auto Match', give it a second just to raise it up a little bit. I'm going to make this bigger as well so I can see them, and let's have a look. "My Premiere Pro…" It's that bit and that bit, so what I'm going to do is just lower it at the peaks. So I'm just, I'm not going to do a tabletop, I'm going to do a 'V', just to kind of take the edge off that peak there. "Premiere Pro…" I can still hear the word, and it doesn't sound weird, but I feel like I need to like just drag these plosives down. "Pro Essen… my Premiere Pro…" Definitely better, right? So we've made it a little bit better. 

The best bit is actually just going and re-recording it, but can't always do that, so we've fixed the plosives. Next thing we want to do is, let's have a little look, I think I'm pretty good… "… this course, if you want to be the…" It's this lip smack that I added for you. "Register…" Gross, Dan. I'm going to zoom in, you can see it, look at that gross thing I made. So we-- you could just snip it out, it's up to you. Now I want to-- you could do what we did for the Premiere Pro, probably just going to snip it out. What I'm going to do is leave the gap, because I feel like the timing still needs to be there. If I jam It all too close to it, listen.  "Swipe up and pre-register, don't miss this…" There's just, I get straight into it too quickly so I want to keep the pace, and go and… "Pre-register, don't miss this…" There you go. 

Anything else, we kind of get to the end. "… of fun." Let me start laughing. So 'C' on my keyboard, click on it, 'V' key, delete that stuff. How close are we? Oh no, we're going to have to trim it up. Oh no, 15 seconds, what are we going to do? "If you want…" Here you go, there's our deep breath. "If you…"  That's going to have to go. 15 seconds, I recorded this audio, I don't want to go re-record it, plus I guess I want to show you how we can make this happen. "It is nearly ready, I am…" I'm going to have to go through and chop out all these little gaps, unfortunately. You know I said, keep the spacing, we're going to get rid of all the spacing, it's going to be smashed together. 

What else can we get rid of? "It is nearly ready." "I am right in the middle of filming my Premiere Pro Essentials course." "If you want to be the first to know when it's ready, swipe up and pre-register." "Don't miss this course, it is going to be loads of fun." Oh, we are still way over, we're at 15 seconds? We're not even at 15 seconds. You know the best bit? This is in my course. My notes say, "Oh, when the marker moves make sure--" you know, there's-- it's even in the title, like weirdness about markers. I'm leaving this in there because this big frustration you might have. The problem is, I had this frustration on purpose, and then forgot about it. It takes me so long to prepare these courses, and then I come back and start doing them, and forget what are some of the key points, anyway. 

So this marker here, you're like, "What's it going on about, the marker's there…" it's at 12 seconds, but we made it at 15, so what are we doing? First of all let's undo it a bit, because I was chopping it up, to make it really small, and actually it doesn't need to be that small. So I'm just undoing to get rid of my edits. Back to there, I'm leaving the gap, actually I've got to get rid of the-- there's 15 seconds. Don't get caught out again, Dan. What happens, basically the default, is, under 'Markers' it says 'Ripple Sequence Markers'. So it means, watch this, if I delete all of this, delete it, and then delete the space in between, watch the ripple. Tries to keep it with the footage that it's at. That's really good if you've left the marker here, say I put a marker here for the plosives, that's a note to myself to say, actually fix these plosives before I go out. 

What's really cool about that is if I go and, say delete a chunk, it comes along for it, so it's still marked the plosives. We've used ours slightly differently to say, let's mark the end of the video. So what I want to do is actually put this back to 15. Let's get my CTI at 15; oh, so close, 15 zero zero. I'm going to probably just delete this one. So I'm going to 'Clear All Markers'. Go to 15, and push my little markers. What you can do is just untick that. So go to 'Markers', untick this, it will be right for this project, it won't turn back on, and it means, now, when I go and delete stuff it stays where it is. So we've learned something, and I'd like to pretend I put that in there on purpose, I kind of did, is in my notes Dimension, but I caught myself out by doing it, so it's a good one to remember. Markers, and just whether it ripples on or off, depending on how you're using it. 

One last thing to do before I add the music is, I want to play around with-- I probably should have done this at the beginning, because now I've got two separate parts, it's okay. I've got this part selected, is clarity. I kind of forced you to use it earlier on, but this one seems to do all right with clarity, so I'm listening. This is going to be a bit of a personal preference, but I'm going to turn clarity on by just kind of like dragging it, and it kind of turns the tick on and starts working. So have a little play around with, and remember, while it's playing, turn it on and off, Kind of boosted a bit, but I feel like it does add some niceness to my voice. A bit more of a professional microphone, it sounds like. Like that one wasn't the best recording, A, I was too close for plosives, and something went wrong, wasn't the crystal clear stuff I'd hoped for. 

Now in here as well you can play with like, it's a male voice, we want to enhance the speech, and this is where I get like, "Is it better or is it worse?" "If you want to be the first to know when it's ready, swipe up…" I'm not sure I have like a real deep male voice, I'm not sure, what kind of voice, I have a Kiwi voice, we squeak a lot. So I'm not sure that's helping me. "Swipe up and pre-register…" I'm not sure if female or male is helping me, or making it worse, but I know when I was messing around, trying to make it nicer, clarity was a nice one. I'm going to do the same for this, what's this? 5.3; let's use the proper way, just to get our skills, because we haven't done it for a little while. Is let's select it, hit 'Command C' for copy, on a Mac, 'Ctrl C' on a PC. Click on this other clip, and go to 'Edit', and we'll go 'Paste Attributes'. 

We want to say, I want everything, what do I want? All attributes, yeah, because there was no like-- there's no motion in the whole project. So it's only-- you might have to untick these ones, if you only want-- I don't want any of that, I just want to bring in the Essential Sound stuff, and anything that I've done. I'm going to click 'OK', there you go. So now it has a bit of dynamics, and it's exactly the same. We could just copy that, I know, but, "Swipe up and pre-register." Using the paste attributes is a really handy thing to practice. Let's now add our music. 

Now my music is, I'm going to double click, I am pulling them from an old project, under 'Project 3' in your 'Exercise Files', 'Audio', and which one did I pick? I think I picked Fond Memories, you can pick any one you like. We're going to add it to our sequence, and… "It is nearly ready, I am right in the middle of filming…" It's not that one, hang on, but if you did want to use it-- ah, why is that even in there? I'm going to go back here and I'm going to undo; bye Fond Memories, and I want, CaliBuzz, that's the one I wanted. I'm going to insert that one down here and trim it up. Get started with the flurry. "… nearly ready…" I always feel like it just comes in too loud, some of the stock audio. It's a little hard to see, I'm going to zoom in, make it bigger. 

Drag that down a little bit. "I am right in the middle of film…" I guess it's also balancing with the audio and dialogue. "…my Premiere Pro Essentials course, if you want to be the first to know…" I feel like it can be a little higher, for this ad, kind of seems to blend in nicely, and backslash, ' \ ', grab all this, trim it up to my-- can't be any past my 15 seconds but let's-- actually the dialog doesn't have to finish there. You'll notice it snaps to the marker as well, which is handy. "It is nearly ready, I am right in the middle of filming my Premiere Pro…" Even the Premiere Pro gets hidden a little bit more, with the background music. Might actually go a bit lower. "… Premiere Pro Ess…" Yeah, you still get the hang of it. 

All right, that will be it for this one, and what we've all learned-- read your notes, Dan, before you start recording the video, and also, markers will move along, and disappear in kind of-- depending on how you're using them, just make sure, 'Markers', turn off 'Ripple Sequence Markers', if you don't want them to move along. All right, I will see you in the next video.