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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Exporting video for social media using Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, it's time to export our video for social media. Basically it's the same as every other video we've done. Right up into the end in terms of which platform it's going to. Everything's the same except for Instagram, which we'll do in the following video. Let's get started. So exporting is easy, it's just like all the other videos we've done. So we're going to export both of these ones, so we'll do, which one's open? We'll do Instagram stories because it's open. 'Command M' on a Mac, 'Ctrl M' on a PC, and now you just need to make sure that you're not breaking any other rules. 

So I found a little list of what you need to do. I have got the max file size, 4 Gigabytes, it needs to be one of these two file formats. Needs to be no longer than two hours, and the frames per second. So this is for Facebook. Let's just assume we're doing all social media, at the moment. See this, figure out what the specs are. You probably have done this at the beginning, when you're working out your sequence. So we can just double check, we're using h.264, which gives me an mp4. Under the video tab here, I'm going to scroll down, my frame rate is 25. I think the maximum was 30. In terms of file size, can you see down here, it's teeny tiny, it's only 19 Megabytes. 

So we fit in the 2 Gigabyte range, and we've only done two ads, but when you're doing social media you end up doing like, when I'm doing these things, I'm promoting different courses, I'm doing all the courses, so they'd be like 30 different videos. Queue this one, and that's where Media Encoder becomes super helpful, because the same thing for the-- this one here, 'Command M', leave it all, it's all good, except it's probably in the wrong place. 

If you've accidentally not put it into the right folder, you can do it here once it's in Media Encoder. So you can go into Output file, and go to, actually I want this to go to our desktop, into the folder under Renders. So I'm going to put the drafts folder here. This is my little favorites, so I'm going to put into drafts, because this is what's going to go to the client. We're pretending, because I'm my own client, and the finals go in the Finals obviously once the client's approved it. 

That is it, we're going to hit 'Play' and let this thing run, but basically for anything that's not Instagram, you just take these mp4s and you upload it to your social media. Just log into LinkedIn or log into Twitter using your browser on your computer. It's slightly more quickie for Instagram, and we'll do that in the next video.