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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Importing Parkour footage into Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, in this video we are going to create a sequence, import footage, and you're like, "We've done this loads of times," we have. I'll throw in another little shortcut, to make it a little bit more worth your while, but just some basic setup before we get into our project. 

Let's get started, let's go to 'File', 'New Project', or hit the big button, and in this case we're going to call this one 'Parkour V1'. We're going to stick it in, we've got a folder in our 'Exercise Files', 'Project 5 - Parkour', and inside of here, 'Project Files', that's where I keep everything. Let's click 'Choose', and basically when you are, from intro to medium level, you won't change anything else on the screen. You will move into some of the more hardcore ones in the advanced parts, but for the most part just click 'OK'. Just need to tell it what it's called, and where it goes. 

So you might get this quite often, like I do, because I'm forever plugging speakers in and microphones in, and Premiere Pro, like we saw before, is very, like, "Hey, the thing that was plugged in before is not plugged in,” What do I do? I'm going to hit 'Yes', just because, because you can see, my default input-- we're not using the microphone here, so I don't really care about that one at the moment. The output though, where is it going to? So I had some speakers plugged in before, my headphone speakers, headphone speakers? Just headphones. So they've been unplugged and it freaks out. So I'm going to put it to this thing here, that's a little headset that I wear when I'm recording, but yeah, you're going to have to come in here all the time and change it, if you do like to plug things in, and unplug things. 

To import our footage we could use the boring way, which is 'File', 'Import'. You could use the sneaky way by double clicking this area down here. Let's give you a third awesome shortcut. This kind of jumps straight into the rough cut; I love it. So you need to have your window kind of hovering above Premiere Pro for this to work. It might not work on your system. I don't know all versions of Windows, and whether this works. Seems to work on my version of Windows, and every Mac that I've owned, but I'll show you.

So in 'Exercise Files', 'Project 5', there's a 'Footage' folder. What you can do is you can click the top one, hold 'Shift', grab the last one, and I don't need the end credit right now, but I can just click, hold, and drag it straight into my, where my timeline is, and watch this, magic happens. Look at that, it dumped it all in, imported it, created a sequence for me, and then put everything into the sequence. You might find this is just, if you've done some good logging, this doesn't work if you've just got crap everywhere, but it works really good if you've done some serious logging, and everything's kind of in some sort of order. 

It's just a nice way to get it all onto the Timeline, all at once. Let's tidy it up a tiny bit. So the sequence, you can tell by the icon. I'm going to call this one 'Parkour V1' as well, and we are going to create a bin. This bin's going to be called 'Footage'. I don't really need to do my fancy search thing because there's only mp4s in here. Now I'm not sure if you know how to do all this kind of file stuff, but click the first one, hold 'Shift', click the last one, and on my Mac, I hold 'Command', and click that guy to deselect them, or on a PC hit 'Ctrl' and deselect them. 

So if that's a bit fancy just drag them all in, however you can do it, drag them into footage. Let's bring in a couple of other folders. I could dump on my audio in here but it's not what I want. So I'm going to double click in the dark area, and I'm going to find, in my 'Exercise Files', under 'Parkour', let's bring in 'Footage', no, got that already, 'Audio' and 'Graphics'. You can bring them in individually, or hold down the 'Command' key to click them both on their own, or 'Ctrl' key on a PC, let's bring everything in. 

There's a bunch of stuff in here that could not be supported. Graphics have a bunch of things in here, there's actually nothing in that folder. Don't bring in graphics, it's for later in the course. Audio, all in there nicely. Before we go let's delete everything off the Timeline, because we're going to be a little bit more purposeful with this edit, because I want to show you some tips and techniques, but totally if I was working on my own now, just dump them all on the Timeline, if they were in some kind of order, and we could start rough cutting on the Timeline, rather than up here in the Source Monitor. 

All right, everything's in, we're ready to go. Hit 'Save', and I will see you in the next video.