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Where to get free motion graphic templates for Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, I'm going to show you how to find, download, and install a template that you've downloaded from the internet. We're going to do this one, oh, look at the zoomy, it's got a bit of Motion Blur going. I'm going to show you where to find them, how to install them, plus some of the limitations. First of all though, actually before we get started, the easy one, if you just came for figuring out how to install it, go to 'Motion Graphics', 'Browse', and click that button. That's how you install one, but stick around if you want to learn a little bit more details, get into it. 

So finding stuff on the internet, we're going to look for free stuff, because, I don't know, I don't know why, is it just me? I've got money to pay for them, I just want to look, to see what the free stuff is first, and then maybe pay for it. Motion Array, if you do a Google search for 'Premiere Pro motion graphic templates', they appear quite heavily, and they got really nice stuff. What you can do is you get to here, and you can do things like-- they've got a really nice search feature, they support these video products really well. 

So I can go to Premiere Pro templates, and actually just hit 'Search', and it gives me everything, and then if you're cheap like me, go and turn this to 'Free', pop that back in and just see what they've got. So in here, remember we talked about the difference between presets and templates, presets are the things that, we did them way, way ago, and they end up in your Effects Panel. Remember we did our own preset, that's a preset, often, it is things like color grading, so you can look in here for those as well. Templates is more motion graphic templates, and there's a bunch in here. Yeah, well thought out, well considered from this site. I've downloaded one for us, but you can download them. You've got to click on the 'Download' button. There's a cool little preview. Then you hit 'Download', you need to give them your email to get it. It's the ethical bribe if you go into their emailing list, but they're pretty good with not spamming you, to send you useful stuff. Obviously you can unsubscribe, you'll end up with something like this. 

So in your 'Exercise Files', under 'Project 4', I've put the little download. Let's tidy this up. Under 'Motion Array', and that's what I downloaded. It comes as a zip file, I opened it up, and these three things were in there. This is the thing you want, the mogrt, and this is a font link, a little PDF explaining how to install it, but that's my job right now. The Link one becomes useful because they've used a font called Roboto, which might not be linked to Adobe Fonts, it might not come down automatically. I know I already have Roboto installed on my machine, because I use it for other things, but often it can be really helpful to figure out what font is needed, to go off and install it, even tells you where to get it from. Typekit, which is what they used to call Adobe Fonts. Anyway, let's look at installing it. 

Installing it is easy, over in your Essential Graphics panel, go to 'Browse'. Let's go to this little button down here. Look, even tells us, 'Install motion graphics template'. Find it in your Exercise Files. Doesn't matter where you've downloaded it from as long as it is called, this one here, m-o-g-r, g-r-t, mogrt, motion graphics template. Click open, and it will-- I already have it, because I've already installed it, and it will appear. You can get lucky by going, let's sort by recent, oh, look, and it appeared, but often it doesn't. If it was made three years ago it could be at the bottom. So you might have to just try and remember what it's called, and you might have to type it in. There's my one there, and I'm going to install it, by clicking-- actually I need to make a duplicate. I'm going to call this one 'Course V4'. Let's delete what we have in there, go, get rid of the music. 

Let's find it, under 'Browse', drag it in. Awesome. It's going to pretty much stress your machine out pretty badly, even though it's a kind of a simple thing, basically anything that uses something called Motion Blur while it's moving, really freaks Premiere Pro out, looks cool though, so it's worth it. So what we're going to do is, we're going to lower the quality over here to '1/4'. I'm not going to pre-render it because I want to change the text. I'm just going to get a look of it. Yeah, it's playing a bit slowly. I find sometimes it does-- I don't need to see it in like actual time, I can just grab my CTI and just slowly move it across myself. That's enough of a preview for me. Even though it's not in real time it's a little bit jumpy, I find that's a easy way to test it. 

Let's have a look what they've done. So again, no changing of the font, I can live with that, kind of. So pretty-- pretty basic. You can see, got some cool stuff going on in here that I can change, change the color, the text, I'm not going to run through all of that, it's pretty self-explanatory. The thing that I might do is, let's change this to 100% Pure. And I also want to go through and maybe put more than one in, because I like this kind of zoom effect. So I'm going to tuck this in, so it disappears. I'm going to do-- copy it, I'm going to paste it. Remember, just paste it over here, drag it back in. Don't tell anyone. 

Drag this one on top, so we've got this kind of, like pacing, and that one doesn't disappear, just kind of goes over the top. Doesn't make much sense, if you don't change the color, so I'm going to pick a new color, and let's change it from '100% Pure' to 'Visit New Zealand'. So, space bar, lowest quality, still not going to work. I'll pre-render it for you so you can get a sense of it. That one needs to be probably longer. I'll see you in a second. We're back, I hope we got the timing right, 100%, Pure, New Zealand, look at that, we're doing it. It's beautiful, so that's really cool thing about Premiere Pro, and those mogrt templates, is that you can find lots online now, and again I'm not kind of advocating for always looking for free, because we'll do some premium ones in the next video, just give you a look. 

Actually it felt like I was finishing up, there's one last thing I want to show you. Oh, I want Visit New Zealand to be on two lines. Don't worry, just put a 'return' in there. Look in here, let's have a look. So there's just, this is like, ugh. That's the problem with sometimes using somebody else's template, and you're like, "What do I do? I can't play around with any of that", there's no space after or line spacing. Just have to live with that, and try and work around it. I guess I don't want to make it seem like it's perfect all the time. I want to show you some of the issues that face us all as Premiere Pro video creators. All right, that's it, let's jump into the next video.