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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

How to burn in a logo watermark onto your video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video we are going to add this watermark here. Can't quite see it, there it is there. It's going to run the entire length of our video. We're going to make it slightly opaque, we're going to add a Drop Shadow. Super easy to do. Let me show you now in Premiere Pro. 

To add the logo I have some pre-made ones in our Graphics folder. So I guess it's out of the scope of this course, how to create logo and export it. So if you're the Videographer you might ask the brand to send you a copy of the logo, and you can ask for one of these options. So a psd, a png, an ai file, anything but a jpeg, jpeg looks bad, I'll show you why. So the trick here is just dragging it onto the Timeline. So let's say this ai file here, that's the one I'll tend to use, because I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, but a png is fine. 

So I've dragged it to the Timeline, you can see, there's my logo, just kind of sitting there, right over the top. So ai file's good. All these other ones are good except for the jpeg, watch the jpeg version. The jpeg version has no transparency, fills in the gaps with white. So trick is to find a format that has transparency, and png does, and psd often does, not always. You can turn it on and off if you know how to use Photoshop, but these formats are all really good. 

I'm going to use the ai file, just because. All you need to do then is get it in the right position. So in my case I'm going to double click it, move it down to the bottom right, get it the right size. Just dragging the corners, about there. I'm going to lower the opacity. So with it selected over here I'm going to go to my 'Effects Controls'. Lower the opacity, I'm going to twirl that down, and just lower it down. So it's there the whole time. Now I want it to run the entire length of my video, because it's a static image, like a whole frame we can just drag it over the whole thing. There's our little watermark, running the entire length. 

Now I want to show you a slightly different way. You might be thinking, "Why didn't I use the Essential Graphics panel?" That works, I'll show you what happens. So instead of just dragging it as a unit, or importing it and dragging it on, you can use the Essential Graphics panel, click on 'Edit', click on this, so I've got nothing selected. I'm going to click this little turned up page, and you're like, "What about this one?" That works fine, there's nothing really wrong with this one, except some of the perks for using the Essential Graphics panel, don't work at the moment, but you might check this in your future version of Premiere Pro. 

Let's say I bring in the png, and import it. So it's brought it in the exact same way. When I select it over here, normally we get a lot of extra options, like adding Drop Shadow is one of them. So that's not an option in here. So that was one of the perks of using this, there's a few things in here. So it just lost a bunch of perks, so it doesn't really matter either way. 

One of the weird things for inserting it this way, is I inserted our logo png, and what it's done in my Project folder is that it's imported a second time. It didn't know it was already in my Project window. So you might just notice that, that it brings it in. Doesn't really matter, it's the same file twice. I don't think I've used this one so I'm going to delete it. So we've got one again. The other thing I might want to do is adding a Drop Shadow. So let's do it with this one, just double click it. Move it to the bottom right again. Scale it, I'm not holding anything down, you just drag the corners. I've got it the right size, now I'm going to add my Drop Shadow, because I lower the opacity a bit, can't remember what I had it before. Probably pretty low. 

This is like background music, it's always too bright. It's always brighter than you think it should be. You think, "Ah, my logo needs to be bright and bold," and then after a while you're like, "Actually, it's too dominating," and it's it's meant to be subtle. Cool, so the logo is in let's add a bit of a Drop Shadow to it. Well, let's go 100% before we add our Drop Shadow. 

So adding a Drop Shadow, we can't do it with Essential Graphics, and it doesn't matter whether you've imported it, through the Essential Graphics panel, or just dragged it onto the Timeline like we did before, this effect will work. There is an Effects panel, and inside of here somewhere is a Drop Shadow. You'll notice that when I'm working I never know what folder to go into. I never spend my time going-- it's probably under here, then it's probably, I'm not even sure. 

So I just opened 'drop' up here, find it. You can't drag it onto here strangely, has to be actually onto the Timeline. You'll notice this one has a Drop Shadow, and you're like, "I can't notice anything." Let's zoom it up, uh, scale it up, can you see the Drop Shadow on it now? There you go. Undo that, undo that, and it doesn't matter which one you do it to, just drag it on, you got a Drop Shadow. 

To change the type of Drop Shadow, with it selected, go to your 'Effects Controls', and it's there as an effect, and I can say actually I want the opacity to 100%. I want to be very strong. The Direction is kind of top left, that's fine, Distance, let's make that a bit bigger. Softness, let's make it a bit softer, maybe even more softer, because I'm going to lower down the opacity and I want it to be kind of visible. Can't really see it. Kind of a waste of time, but we know how to do Drop Shadows on it. Some logos will, uh, Drop Shadow can be seen there, there you go. Delete one of them, doesn't really matter which way you do. Add Drop Shadow, lower the opacity, it's pretty easy stuff. All right, that's it, watermark's done, let's get on to the next video.